Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ulta Shopping Trip Haul!

Hello Readers!
   A Couple of days ago I went to Ulta to do some shopping. Ulta is my all time favorite store! Ok back to the subject, I got a couple of items that I thought I would share with you guys!

First is the Lashlight Mascara from Too Faced. I'll admit, I'm a sucker for pretty packaging, so when I was trying to decide between two mascaras, I went for this one because of the gorgeus packaging!

But It's a great Mascara, if you only apply a little bit it's great for a daytime look, and with another layer it becomes a great nightime look, and with one more layer you get the huge lashes that are thick and an intense black and perfect for a beauty pageant or a intense look!

It also comes equipted for any disasters that may happen. It comes with a mini mirror on the side for if you forget your mirror, It's also great because you get an super close look at your lashes so you can make sure there are no clumps or smudges!

And if you lose all the power in you house, or one of your lightbulbs goes out, there is a tiny light! but it is really bright. This is also good for if you need to see it really close up.

Overall, I've found that this is a really good mascara and I have been wearing it everyday!

Next I got a braided headband from Amika.
 I love the company Amika, they make great fake hair pieces that look and feel like really hair, and they are great quality. I have tried some other braided headbands and the braids tend to come out, and you can tell they are fake. but these are really great quality and they look like they are your hair, which makes you look like and amazing braider!

Amika has there products made in just about every hair shade imaginable. Also, they have have some other really unique (but adorable) products that I must get! For instance awhile ago I did a post on how to do a hair bow, well i've tried it and it never turns out quite right. But Amika makes them and they are a simple clip!

Thats an easy solution! But overall this is a great product and it is adorable! they are a little pricier than other companies, but these are much better quality and they will last a long time. The only complaint I have is that it's a little small, so if you have a large head I would try one of their clips instead.

Next thing to conquer? I need to find a good white nail polish so I can do some 4th of July nails! any suggestions? Comment and tell me!
--Glitter girl


Briana said...

Wait, I thought perfectly pink was the pretty packaging lover? I gt you two confused sometimes. I couldn't see the pictures, maybe I just need to refresh the page.

Forever Fuschia said...

We are both suckers for pretty packaging. And don't worry if you get us confused, we are best friends and we are alot alike. Oh and I'm so sorry abiut the pictures issue, Forever Fuchsia has been havung some technical dificulties that we are trying to fix!
--Glitter Girl

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