Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June Favorites!

Hey Everyone!

    I feel like I am the last blogger to do the monthly favorites, but better late then never, right? Today I am going to do a June favorites post telling you all about the products that I have been using all throughout the month!

My first favorite is the Fleur Power blush. I have been wearing a lot of neon shirts lately, and with a very light hand, this looks great on! I like to blend this up so it is a very soft wash of color, and it has the faintest sheen.

Next is my Mac Club eyeshadow. I love to use this as a really soft eyeliner when I am going for the barley there look. Smudge this out with a Q-tip and you will have the perfect subtle yet defined eyes! I usually apply this with a 266 brush to my upper lash line, and use anything that is left on the brush on my lower lash line.

My favorite eyeliner of the month is Urban Decay Stash. Apparently I have been into eyeliners that are not super obvious! Like Club, this defines without being too harsh. Plus, the golden and bronze flecks of shimmer in this will bring out any eye color.

My favorite lip pencil has been NYX cosmetics in Peekaboo Neutral. Not only does this have an adorable name, the color of it is amazing! It gives a little color without being too overwhelming. I like to line my lips with this lightly and then slightly smudge the line in and out to make my lips look fuller.

And last but not least, my favorite multi-use product has been the Nars Malibu Multiple. I use this on my lips when I want a hint of color, or I just dab a little on my cheeks and blend up, making my cheekbones look higher. It has such a rich tone, but it has a little shimmer in it, making it perfect for summer.

Thanks for reading, and tell me in the comments what your favorite products for June have been! Also, feel free to request any posts in the comments. Make sure to follow, and tell me if you want to see a new fitness routine post. I haven't done one in the past, but I thought it would be fun to make one!

♥ Perfectly Pink


Lindsey said...

Great post! I am absolutely in love with the Nars multiples, I will have to check these out! I would love to see a fitness routine post, I need some new ideas. My usual workout has become dull lately! I also love your makeup looks, they always turn out beautifully. I am going to a wedding in two weeks, and I need a makeup idea. Could you do a formal event makeup look? Thanks!

Bell said...

Check it out for more makeup tips!

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