Monday, July 30, 2012

DuWop Lip Venom Review & Tutorial

Hey everyone!

      I am really excited about today's post because it is a review/tutorial, and it is featuring the DuWop Lip Venom. I did a post a while ago on how to make your lips look fuller, and that works really well for creating an everyday lip color and making your lips look bigger. This actually makes your lips look bigger, no injections needed!

I know that the DuWop lip venom came out ages ago, but I found a way to make the effect last longer and some new tricks to make them appear fuller. I apply this with the applicator it comes with and leave it on for about two minutes. This will add a little color while making your lips fuller. You can control how full thy get by wiping the product off sooner, but I just leave it on and pat it in for the best results.

After using the plumper, it is really easy to line your lips. I love to use the Mac lip pencil in Subculture, it adds a little color while still being natural. I like to apply this to the edge and then slightly push the line out with a Q-tip. This feathers the line out a little and makes your lips look much fuller, with or without the plumper. After this, fill in the outside, and smudging some into the middle. Keeping the middle of your lips lighter makes them look bigger; it is like highlighting the center of your lid. I don't like to use anything too dark for this, but I like to use a pencil as a base. Using a base for your lips creates a smooth surface, and it will keep any products you apply on top on much longer.

Next, you can choose your favorite lipstick or gloss. I like to apply a sheer layer of Mac's Cream cup lipstick with a 316 and a little bit of the Stila gloss in Malibu. This is a gorgeous soft pink combo, and it really lights up your entire face. I use Cream cup as more of a stain, it will bring everything together.

 If you really want to amp it up, I still have two more tips!

If you want your upper lip to look even fuller, I love highlighting my cupid's bow. The pro's know how to highlight, that is why all of their looks are so perfect looking. I like to use Mac's Soft and Gentle and dab a little on using a Mac 239. Make sure to blend the product out, but focus it in the center. By adding a little shimmer, it will bring the light in, making your upper lip appear much fuller.

 The next tip is like highlighting the center of your lid, it is so simple but it makes a huge difference! I like to use a shimmery eyeshadow like Mac Shroom with a sponge tip applicator and tap a little of it in the center. You can apply this under or over a gloss if you want; I like it better when it is over because it is more effective.

That is my favorite way to add something to a makeup look! I love all of these together, and I would highly recommend trying out a lip plumper if you are interested. Tell me in the comments below if you have used a lip plumper, or which one you want to try! Thanks for reading!


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