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The Best Facial Cleanser Brushes

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     I was on the Sephora website today and I came across the Clarisonic Mia 2. I remember when the whole idea of a facial cleansing brush came out, and I was really questioning the whole "toothbrush for your face" concept. Now that I have looked into the best of this category, I am truly amazed by the advanced technology that has been put into all of them. This post is to help you decide on a brush, or just learn some facts about these!

The first brush that took the market by storm is the Clarisonic Classic. This is the original Clarisonic brush. The idea behind the Clarisonic and all brushes is to give a deep cleansing scrub. If you are set on the Clarisonic brand, they have a ton of different brush heads specially designed for your skin concerns. All of the system's brush heads spin around 300 times per second, pulling anything harmful out of your skin! The Classic is amazing, but the only downside is the high price tag. The Classic is priced at $195.00, but it will last you a lifetime.

If you want a Clarisonic but you are not too happy with the Classic price, the Mia might be a better option. Personally, the Mia is my favorite. Out of all of the qualities that I love about this, the main one would have to be ease of use. The Mia 1 and 2 both have the brush heads that you can choose from, so that is another added benefit. One thing to keep in mind with any skin cleansing brush is you may not like the first week of using them. I was really worried when I started breaking out after using it, but after a frantic trip to Sephora, they explained to me that it is washing up everything that is clogging your pores. I was new to the whole beauty world at the time, but I did know that all of that would rise to the top of my skin eventually, so better now then later. The Mia 1 is priced at $119.99, and the Mia 2 at $145.99.

The next brush is the Olay Pro-X Skin Cleansing System. For the reasonable price of $29.99, this does a decent job. When I first tested this out, I was pretty happy with it, but I was curious about the bristles in the head of it. I was looking around for what they used in it, and I could not find anything. I know this isn't a huge issue, but I didn't feel the deep cleansing part of it all. It did a great job of cleaning my skin, but the results didn't last. If you are interested in a basic model, this would still work for you.

Another option is the Sonic Dermabrasion Exfoliating brush. This is a great product for those who do not have sensitive skin, but for anyone who does, I warn you, it is very exfoliating. The key to getting any product out there is obviously advertising, and I have learned that a company can find a disguise for any flaw.  This was really harsh on my skin, but I have a friend who loves this. Nothing can get to her skin though, so it is a good match for her.

Some people want something for their face and body, so I decided to throw in another option. This is the BriteLeafs face and body ultra clean brush, and it is, how do I put this, special. This brush comes with four different brush heads, one of them being a pumice stone for your feet. If you are looking for something that will work for face and body, this has a brush head for everything.

     Those would have to be the fan favorites of the skin cleansing brushes. Also, don't let the "skin breaking out after a week" thing completely scare you away from the idea, it went away after a couple of days. It is like breaking in a new pair of heels, the first week might not be too fun, but you are left with a pair of amazing heels for the rest of your life, making everything worth it, trust me.

Sorry if this post has any typo's in it, this is my third time re-typing it because it keeps disappearing on me. I am officially saving this in a couple of different spots, but I will check over it again in the morning. Make sure to follow if you haven't already, and feel free to ask me any questions in the comments or email them to me at Make sure to tell me in the comments what you think of these brushes, and thanks for reading!

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