Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Perfectly Pink Is Going Totally Teal

Hey Everyone!

     I got a request to do a decor post, and I am really excited about it! If you know me, you know I change up my room about every month. When I move around the furniture, it feels like a completely different space, and makes me use the room more. The space I am posting on today is my beauty room, but I used to have a problem with a bed being in there. I don't even use it, and it is not considered a guest room, but that bed has stayed in the room. When I finally embraced the fact that there was no way I could get it out, I decided to have some fun with it, and use a splash of teal! I love using bright colors for summer, and teal is no exception. Here is my new favorite way to tastefully use a bright color!

This is my new comforter! I wanted something crisp and clean, and I am so happy I found this! I was at Bed Bath and Beyond and this instantly caught my eye. One major trend in fashion and decorating is to mix prints and patterns, so I tried to do this without it looking over the top.
This is the full view! I still want to get another brown cube to put at the end of the bed because they are great for storage and seating. I messed around with teal and lime green because I wanted the room to have a fun and fresh vibe to it. Not only does this make me use the space more, but I can really see all of the possibilities that the room has to offer.
And these are my current pillow choices! This is still in the works, but for now, I am leaving it. The stripes in the square pillow make everything pop in the bedspread design, and I had to include my green fluff ball pillow as well! The pink pillow in the back is just for supporting the rest, but it is staying for now. I  have to keep the blue ruffled pillow handy because my cat enjoys curling up next to it, and she makes a great accessory! Finally, the dog is not only adorable, but it actually has speakers in it so I can play my ipod music on it! Plus, it makes an excellent model for my DKNY scarf.
I wanted to show you an easy way to make an empty space a little more exciting, and that is to use fun jewelry holders! These mannequins are so cute, and you can see the famous forever fuchsia one in the front right side! I use these for storing my quirkier pieces, and I can have some fun displaying them.

Those are my favorite ways to add a quick pop of color to a space! I wanted to make a quick post on something other then my usual makeup ones, so this was a fun change for me. Don't worry though, Perfectly Pink is staying pink and beauty obsessed forever! I am going to do a post on my favorite facial cleanser brushes soon, and hopefully it will help you decide which one is the best for you. Feel free to request a post, and tell me in the comments what you like to do to switch up a room. Thanks for reading!

♥ Perfectly Pink


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