Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Travel Hair, Makeup, And Outfit!

Hey everyone!

     Good news, I found wifi! It is on and off though, so I will try to keep posting. Anyways, I thought it would be fun to show you what my go to traveling outfit, hair, and makeup is. I love traveling, but finding the perfect outfit is close to impossible. I never know what the plan is, so I have to be prepared for anything, which kills the whole juicy couture sweat suit idea. Even though these are really comfy to travel in, I prefer something a little more dressy. If you know me, you know I am not the biggest fan of anything casual. Sorry, but tee shirts are just not my thing! Anyways, this is my favorite way to look put together while on the go.

First, I like to have a top that you can dress up easily, so I chose something that was interesting on its own. I just got in this Forever 21 trapeze cut floral top, and I love it! This top is the epitome of casual chic, it is so comfy to wear.

If I want to dress it up a little, I put my cropped black sweater over it. The black makes the bright floral print in the top pop out even more, and you can still pair it all with a necklace. I have worn this sweater so much, it is one of my basics.

I just paired this with jean shorts to complete the look. These are really comfy to travel in, so I took two pairs of these in dark and light washes. I wear these all the time because they are actually at a decent length, and they are so hard to find!

I usually live in flats because they can easily be dressed up and they are comfy. My theory is that you should always be prepared to run into someone you know when you go out, because that happens to me 99.9% of the time! Flats make me feel a little more put together then flip flops, so if I happen to see someone, I never have to worry about having on too casual of an outfit! Oh, the joys of being a beauty philosopher.

My go to hairstyle for these days is usually a French braid. They are easy, quick, and elegant, plus they stay in place! I added a head wrap with this to keep everything in place because I have a ton of layers. They look great when my hair is curled, and they look much better when they are pulled back if my hair is up.

  Next is what I wear for my travel makeup. I absolutely dread the morning when I have to leave, they are so rushed and I do not have the essential time to complete my beauty routine! I decided to find some quick fixes that take you from dull to glam in seconds, these will stay on all day without feeling thick or drying.

My first favorite is my Mac lipstick in Hot Tahiti. This is a deep red, but it has more of a sheer, shiny finish. I apply this with a 316 lip brush to get the most precise application, but it would work just as well if you applied it out of the tube. I usually stay far away from applying just a lipstick without a gloss or anything, but this has such a beautiful finish I feel like I don't need anything else. Whenever you apply a red, even if it is not very opaque, it adds a pop of color and makes you look red carpet ready in seconds. I prefer to wear it as more of a stain, but I would highly encourage you to try more of a glossy red for a youthful pop of color.

I like to keep the eyes pretty simple, so I am sticking with soft browns. My two favorites are a really warm toned brown, Modelette, and a cooler toned one, Patina. These are both from Mac, and Patina is pictured to the left. I just apply a light layer of this with a 213 brush and build up the deepness of the color as I go toward the crease.

I just top the eye look off with a thin line of liquid eyeliner and my Makeup Forever Smokey Lash. This defines my eyes without competing with the softer red lip. When you keep the eyes simple, you can have fun with brighter lip colors and beautiful blushes.

And that is all I wear for traveling makeup! If I know I am going somewhere as soon as I arrive I will do my foundation routine, so if you are interested in my latest one, click on this link.

Those are my simple steps to looking chic while on the go! If I am in a hurry I follow these, so I have the routine down for when I travel! Make sure to follow if you haven't already, and tell me in the comments what your go to look is when you are in a rush. Thanks for reading!

~Perfectly Pink


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