Friday, July 13, 2012

My Skincare Routine

Hey Everyone!

    I have been obsessed with my new skincare routine, so today, I am finally going to do the post on it! This is one of my favorite types of posts to read, so I hope you all enjoy! I have been testing out a ton of new products, and I have come across my routine that is actually working for me. Here are my favorites!

In the morning, I start off with my Neutrogena oil free acne wash. I apply this before I even go downstairs, it is like my form on coffee! This cleanser really wakes me up because it has a really nice fresh grapefruit scent, but applying this first gives it a bit of a kick start.

 Next, I like to apply a bit of my Clean and Clear morning burst facial cleanser. Okay, I know I just hauled this, but I promise, I have used it before! Incorporating this product back into my routine has really improved the look of my skin, it has a slight brightening effect to it. I like to use a couple of different cleansers that have different ingredients in them because they will target any skin problems when used together.

After that, I am going to use my favorite toner, which is the Clinique clarifying lotion. I must admit, the name for this confused me, because it is not anything close to a lotion. Even though that may be slightly misleading, it is still an amazing product! I just apply this with a cotton pad all over my face, and it is really refreshing. Out of the four options for this toner, 2 works best for me, but I would recommend testing them out. If you are trying this product for the first time, your skin might feel a little bit tingly. I love it, and it let's me know that the product is working!

Next I want to use something that will work on my skin while I am wearing makeup. Knowing how to cover up blemishes is essential, but you run the risk of clogging your pores. Knowing how to treat your skin is the key, so for this step I am using the neutrogena 3 in 1 treatment cream. This helps prevent your skin from breaking out as well as treating any current problems. I like to think of this product like a heat protectant for your hair, if you use heat on your hair, it an cause split ends, do why not try and protect it? Wearing makeup can clog your pores and in some cases cause acne, so why not do something to prevent it?

Some acne prevention products can be drying, so it is important to moisturize as well. Some people think that moisturizing is the cause to any imperfections, but dry skin can cause them as well. I am going to use a lighter moisturizer, and my favorite of the moment is the Clinique moisturizing gel. Also, when blending any product into your skin, pat it in instead of rubbing. Any form of tugging at your skin can cause pre-mature wrinkles, and since I haven't started using any age prevention products yet, I want to be as careful as I can!

The last product I use in the morning is to treat my undereye circles. I don't know if this counts as a skin are product, but I apply it before I out any makeup on, so I am putting it in here! I love the Clinique under eye roller for many reasons, but mainly because it reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

Those are all of the products I use in the morning, so these are the ones I use at night! The first product I use at night is my Aveeno positively radiant lathering cleanser. This is so inexpensive but it works so well! This takes off all of your makeup and works into an amazing lather.

If you ever get dry patches of skin, an exfoliator will be your new best friend. My favorite is inexpensive and effective, and it is the St. Ives apricot scrub. This stuff is amazing, I use about a dime sized drop and my skin is really soft after using it. I prefer to apply this in the shower because it will wash off easier and it will turn into a rich cleanser after you rub it in.

My last product that I use at night is my Clinique Turn around overnight moisturizer. I have been absolutely obsessed with this ever since I first tried it! My skin is has this glow to it without being oily. It is a little bit pricey, but a little goes a long way.

And that is my routine! I know it looks like a ton of products, but this is what I have been using! If you have any questions, feel free to ask it in the comments or email us at Make sure to follow and tell me in the comments what your favorite products are, thanks for reading!

♥ Perfectly Pink


Anonymous said...

I love the Neutrogena oil free acne wash! it works really well! all the Neutrogena products work really well! i love them! ;}

DolcePepper said...

I love the clinique products
your blog is great :)
i´m following you , follow me too :)

kaylee said...

I love all of these products! The St Ives scrub is my favorite! xo

Forever Fuschia said...

I am glad you like it! They have worked wonders for my skin. : )

Forever Fuschia said...

Aww, you are so sweet! Thanks for the follow! I am obsessed with the clinique products as well, thanks for the comment!

Forever Fuschia said...

It is an amazing exfoliator! I could not believe the results I got with it, especially for the price! Thanks for reading!

Valerie Angel said...

Just wanted to update my followers: I have changed my blog URL to To update your subscription to my blog and continue to see my posts on your feed, simply go to my new URL, unfollow, refresh the page, and follow! :)

-♡ Valerie Angel

Miriel Mc said...

I am currently looking into facial cleansing brushes but want to find the best value while also getting the best quality. Any suggestions from a product pro?

Forever Fuschia said...

Aww, I am honored that you asked! I can think of a few favorites, but I am working on a post with a ton of random facts to choose the best cleansing brush for you! Are there any specific benefits that you are looking for such as exfoliation, deep cleansing, or an all over cleansing brush? Thank you so much for the comment, we love getting questions!

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