Monday, July 9, 2012

Makeup Organization Tips

Hey Everyone!

     I was re-arranging my room today, and I was looking through my makeup organization and storage. If you are a makeup artist with a kit, or a collector that is trying to squeeze it all into a bag, then this post is for you! My posts revolve around my vanity, it is where I swatch, play with color combinations, and put together all of my tips and tricks that I share with you. The reason I can do all of this is because my stash is fairly well organized! I have changed some drawers around here and there, but you can see my makeup collection and storage post by clicking this link. I am going to show you where I got everything in this, and my secret to staying organized!

My first item of organization is my nail polish rack. I got this for Christmas one year and I absolutely love it! I used it for its intended purpose for a while, but I like to mix things up, so I decided to put my Mac eyeshadows on it! My Mac eyeshadows were originally stuffed up in a drawer, and it was impossable to find the color that I was looking for because there was no natural light. This happened to be the perfect solution for it! I propped them up on the racks, giving me a ton of options. I started by color coding the ones from the regular line like they have them at the Mac store, and then I put the ones in the larger packaging on top.

My next favorite storage tip are my drawers. I kind of ran with the whole DIY vanity idea, so I needed more space to organize my collection. You can easily label these drawers, and I love how they are mostly shallow. These come in handy for storing your main cosmetic items, and then I use the deeper one for storing my makeup brush belts and anything else I need to take with me for storage on the go.

I cannot find the exact one that I have, but any of the three section trays are great for holding smaller products or lining up larger ones. I got a couple of these to store my mascara stash and lip products in. The best part is you can fit two of these in one of the drawers, so it makes it really easy to find the product you are looking for!

My next tip is to put your brushes in a jar or cup. I got mine monogrammed and filled it with little beads so the brushes will stay in their place. I got two so I could sort my eye brushes and face brushes, and that system has worked out pretty well for me. Keeping my brushes out like this reminds me to wash them, I was really slacking on that routine for a while!

If you want a smaller organizer but you like the idea of the drawers, use a smaller set! I had one of these, and I actually took the drawers out of this to use as separators inside my larger drawers. These come in a ton of sizes, so I would go online and see what is right for you!

If you are on the go a lot but you want to take your collection with you, I would highly recommend a train case. Train cases will keep all of your products organized, and most of all safe. Eyeshadows can easily crack when traveling, but if they are stored in a heavier case, it will keep them safe. This is a collection essential, especially for traveling!

So that is how I keep my collection organized! Make sure to check out my original collection post, and tell me in to comments what your go to organizer is. Follow us if you haven't already, and thanks for reading!

♥ Perfectly Pink


Erica said...

Thank goodness there is a post about organization somewhere out there! I have been looking all over for some tips, and your post answered all of my questions! My favorite organizer would have to be my train case, I travel a lot so it really helps. I would love a post on decor ideas for summer, I know you don't do a lot of that but I heard that people who are great at makeup are really good at designs! Please make a post on it! Thanks Perfectly Pink!


Valerie Angel said...

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-♡ Valerie Angel

Egle Ge said...

Very useful tips! ;)
Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate it:) Thank you for following me on my blog, following you back via GFC ;)

Have a great day!
With love, Egle Ge {HideInSugar}

jaanika said...

i keep my q-tips in that kinda jar and lipsticks on a square shape jar.i love jars (candle)and all kinds off boxes:) Perfect way to storage things:)

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