Thursday, July 19, 2012

Make It Pop: Beautifully Bright Eyes

Hey everyone!

     I was looking through my collection and I saw my Nyx Navy liquid eyeliner. I actually forgot it was even in my collection, but I have put myself on an "use everything in your eyeliner basket" restriction. I have been using the same products way too much, so I decided to branch out of my comfort zone and create a new, colorful look. Okay, I admit, this wouldn't be the best look to go grocery shopping in, but you can easily tone it down. Here is my new take on colorful eye looks!

When applying any products to the eyes, even if it is just one color, always use a primer. This will keep your shadows on much longer and prevent creasing. I know I put this is all of my tutorials, but I cannot stress enough how important it is!
 Next I am going to apply a white base all over the inner third of my lid. I used a 249 Mac brush to create more of a sharp, clean look. This is the Mac Chromaline in Pure White. Using a white can open up your eyes, but just make sure not to use too much. If you applied a bright white all over your lid, it can easily wash you out.
 I want a really deep blue for my outer corner, but I want this color to really stand out. I used the brightest deep blue that I could find, and that is my Mac Marine Ultra Chromaline. I applied this with a clean 242 brush to my outer corner, and ten I smudged a little in to blend it with the white.
 Next, I needed to find a product to create a flawless ombre effect on my lid. I decided to use Mac Tilt to add a little shimmer and to blend the white and deep blue together. I applied this to the middle of my lid using a Mac 239 brush.
 Now we are at the fun part; making a major wing on your upper lash line eyeliner. The reason we are doing the eyeliner now is so we can blend it onto the crease. I made a decent sized wing with my Mac plumage eyeshadow and my 266 brush. Instead on bringing it back to the lash line, I finished the wing by pulling the color back to the crease. this really made a statement, it defined my lash line and my crease at the same time! I also used my 217 brush to blend the crease color out.
Next, I needed a pop of color. I took my 219 pencil brush and sprayed a little water on it, this made the color really pop out.  I lined over the Plumage crease color without blending it in, and this really made it pop! Typically I am against un-blended eyeshadow, but for this look, it worked. I also lined to inner third of my lower lash line with my 219 pencil brush to tie it all together.
 Now it is time for the liquid eyeliner! When using a liquid eyeliner, it gives the sharpest look, but it can get messy. With a little practice and patience, you can get it down in no time! I lined my lower lash line with a really thin line, and the I made it a little thicker on the outer two thirds of my lash line.
 Next, I wanted to work with a softer green, so I used my Mac Juxt eyeshadow in my inner corner and blended a little of this into my inner half of the crease. By putting a lighter color, it will open up the crease to more light, making it less dramatic. For this step I used my 213 brush.
 Now it is time to set the lower lash line eyeliner, I want to keep the sharpness of the edge, but I still want to set it closer to the lashes. I used my 210 brush to apply deep truth to the lower lash line, but I did not bring the color all the way down. This let me keep the clean line while making it stay in place.
 Because I have some pretty intense eyeliner going on, I wanted to keep my waterline simple. For this step I used my Mac Fascinating eyeliner on my waterline to open up my eyes.
Because I am using more of a dramatic mascara next, I want to tightline my eyes so there is no gap. Tightlining is lining your upper waterline, some people call it invisible eyeliner because it is so natural. For this step I used a clean 266 brush and Mac typographic eyeshadow.

And for my lashes I used my Clinique lengthening mascara. When I went to the Clinique counter to get this, the artist gave me a ton of free samples, so I am still on my first one! This mascara is really amazing, it dries down to this deep matte black that doesn't flake or run.

And this is the finished look! I feel like everything tied together really well, it is a fun way to wear the bright trend.

So tell me in the comments below about your favorite bright beauty product, make sure to follow if you haven't already, and feel free to request a post! Thanks for reading!

♥ Perfectly Pink


Bethany said...

Wow, this is beautiful! Great products and tips, and the ombre affect on the lid is very well done. Fab post!

Ashley Howard said...

Perfectly pink, this is stunning. It is looks like these that belong on the cover of Vogue. Amazing job!

Casey said...

This Is so pretty! I am going to try this out for a supper party tonight, thank you! Wow, it is just so perfect.. Hahah

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