Sunday, July 15, 2012

What I Pack In My Beauty Travel Bag

Hey Everyone!

     A while back I did a post on what I usually pack in my gym bag. The things I put in that post are great for touch-ups, but not the best for a longer vacation, so I am going to show you what I put in my travel bag! I am not one to pack lightly, so here is my not so simple packing list!

This is the best I could do to simplify things, and for me, it is pretty good! The products in this post are only my cosmetic items, so if you want to see my go to outfits, tell me in the comments!

I like to mess around with a new look everyday, but it might be a challenge to haul all of my Mac eyeshadows with me, so I take my palettes with me! I wanted a nice variety of colors and neutrals so I am taking my BH cosmetics 120 3rd edition and my 28 color neutral look. When I keep both of these palettes with me, the possibilities are endless!

My Soft and Gentle MSF is an essential, it can make any color pop and is perfect for layering or on its own. I usually use this as a highlighter with my 165 brush. Another one of my favorite uses for this product is to layer over my Nars multiples, it keeps them in place without looking thick, and it gives the prettiest sheen! I also packed my MSFN, and you all know why I love this product, so a mini explanation is not necessary!

Another must have product is a good gloss, and my favorite is Mac's Love Nectar. This is one of their popular products, and I can see why! If you want something natural that makes your lips look fuller, this is for you. I am bringing this along because the lips give the finishing touch, so this makes whatever look I am wearing more polished.

My Stila sheer color tinted moisturizer is one of my must haves, because it evens out your skin tone without being too heavy. Once I blend it in, I can't even feel it on!

My next product is my amazing cosmetics concealer. This is an extremely opaque full coverage concealer, but I only use the smallest amount under my eyes. I have horrible dark circles, but this makes them disappear! The key is to use the smallest amount, remember, you can always add more.

I combined my Urban Decay Zero and Mac False Lash because they go hand in hand. This dynamic duo has it all, and they really define your eyes with minimal effort. I had to being these with me, if I could only choose two products, these would be it!

I took my go-to scent with me, just in the mini form. This is the Victoria's Secret Summer Bombshell fragrance, and I have been wearing this every day. I love the packaging, and the scent is clean and fresh while still fun. I put this is a ziplock bag just in case when traveling!

My last item was my Revlon curling iron, but there isn't anything special about it, so I just let it be! Thanks to all of our followers, we are so excited to have reached our 50th one today! Make sure to follow, and tell me in the comments what you pack when you travel. Thanks for reading!

♥ Perfectly Pink


sarah said...

wow thats a lot of eyeshadow your taking haha

im going on a trip soon too but I pack as light as possible because I know ill be purchasing a lot of things.

Forever Fuschia said...

Yeah, I had to pack my palettes to save space! Oh the joys of being a beauty lover! Thanks for the comment!

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