Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Perfect Faux Glow

Hey everyone!

     I was out in the sun all day today, so I must admit, I expected a tan. Well, I was about a half of a shade darker then I was when summer started, so I guess I am showing improvement? Anyways, the gorgeous dark bronze glow is essential when creating your outfit of the day, and to most it is considered an accessory. Here are my secrets to getting golden without any damage from the sun!

     The key to getting a smooth and even tan is to exfoliate first. My favorite one is the Clinique Sparkle Skin body exfoliator, this one has little beads in it that burst into a creamy lather once rubbed in. If I want to make it a little stronger, I just add a touch of my St.Ives apricot scrub. Not only is the smell amazing when these are mixed, but it works really well! Exfoliating will smooth out any dry patches of skin, because the tanner will stick to dry areas.

  Now that your skin is prepped, it is time to choose your self tanner! I love the St.Tropez bronzing mousse, it is the easiest for me to use. This doesn't stain your hands terribly, but I apply it with rubber gloves just in case. I only do one layer per day, because this product really builds up quickly. Make sure to stay out of water for the next four hours, this will give you the maximum tan.

Your next step is to carry your tan up to your face. The key is to get a great bronzer and make sure that you blend it down your neck and wherever your face needs some extra color. I never tan my face, it is easier for me to just apply bronzer. Lorac has the perfect ad examples, the models are always flawlessly tanned. This might have something to do with the power of photoshop, but who says you can't achieve the same results without it?

My favorite bronzer is Nars Laguna because it looks so natural. I apply this with the 168 brush because it is perfect for distributing the same amount of product all over. The angle of this brush is great for contouring as well. I apply Laguna all over my face and down my neck, and then I can start contouring!

For contouring, I prefer my Benefit Hoola bronzer. I like to use this one for contouring because it is better for creating shadows, while Laguna works really well for an all over glow. I posted on my favorite way to get a chiseled cheekbone a while ago, you can find that post by clicking this link.

Last but not least, top your look off with a bright lip. My favorite selection of the moment is the Mac dazzleglass in Date Night. This gives a shimmery pop of color to accent your new tan!

That is how I keep my summer glow without getting any damaging rays from the sun! Make sure to follow if you haven't already, and tell me in the comments if you use a self tanner. Feel free to request a post by commenting or emailing us at We are also on twitter answering any of your beauty questions, so tweet us at @foreverfuchsia. Thanks for reading!

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