Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What To Put in Your Purse

                                                                  Hello Readers!

     Shopping is like an sport, you have to have the right gear and be prepared for anything! So today I'm going to tell you what every girl needs in her purse, for touch-ups when shopping!

     First I'm going to talk about what makeup to bring for touchups. I like to bring lipgloss, powder, and sometimes a little mascara. Lipgloss and mascara are easy to carry, but sometimes for the powder you might have to bring a huge brush along with it, which if you have a small purse like me, that might take up alot of space.

     The next thing I always like to bring is chapstick. Sometimes I put this in before my lipgloss because that makes the lipgloss stay on long. I also carry it around because you never know when your lips will get chapped!

     The next thing I like to bring is Bobby pins. I went to Sally Beauty Supply and got a Bobby pin case. It's very small but it can hold like 50 Bobby pins. This is great because now when you open up your purse Bobby pins won't be going like everywhere.

     Then put in your wallet purse and you are done! I hope you liked my post, comment and tell me if there is anything else you like to put in your purse!

--Glitter Girl


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