Saturday, July 7, 2012

Camera Couture Eyes

Hey Everyone!

     I am really excited for today's post, because it is perfect for the days when you know you are going to be in a ton of pictures. Have you ever gotten a picture back and your face looks washed out? That has happened to me way to many times, and I finally decided to stop blaming the camera and change my makeup! In this post I will be telling you some tips and tricks that I have picked up to keep your glow and make your eyes stand out when you are in the spotlight.

You want to create a base under your shadows to ensure a long wearing look. For this step, I used my Mac paint pot in bare study to prime my eyes. This is a soft gold that looks amazing under any look! I applied this with a 217 brush to evenly distribute the product and create a layer of shimmer that will slightly pick up the light. In pictures, you have to be careful about how much shimmer you use. This gives you the perfect amount without going overboard!

Next, I want my lids to be more matte, so I am going to apply Naked pigment up to my crease. This color has the tiniest amount of shimmer in it, but it makes more of an impact that is matte. I applied this all over my lid with a  252 brush, and I put a little bit of water on the brush first to pick up the pigment more easily.
Next I wanted to define my crease. I used Embark with a 217 brush to build up the color in my crease. This really defines the eye, and by creating a shadow, it makes it look perfect for all of the different types of lighting you can be in for pictures. This color is great for all eye colors too, which is an extra bonus!
 Next, I wanted to make it a little more fun by adding Trax to the top of Embark. I used a 219 pencil brush to almost line the top of the crease color and used Trax to blend it all upwards. You never want a thick layer of eyeshadow all the way up to your eyebrows, so make sure to smoke it out when you are blending up.
 Next, I wanted to make sure this will show up in the brightest lighting, so I took a little bit of Typographic eyeshadow and applied this with a 213 to my outer corner. I used a 213 so I could blend as I went along, and this really brought out the shape of my eyes.
And to finish up the shadows, I applied Blanc Type to my brow bone with a 224 and in my inner corners with a clean 219 pencil brush. Not only will this open up your eyes, but now we have a ton of different finishes, which makes the lighting for pictures your new best friend!

Now it is time to do the eyeliner! For the eyeliner, I used the chromaline in Black Black, and it will give you a very sharp and pigmented line, without the hassle of trying to make a perfect line with a pencil. I applied this to my upper lash line and my waterline with a 266.
Okay, I admit, my eyes are borderline scary blue in this, it is the new lighting! My eyes are this blue in certain kind of lighting, and the deep tones in the crease really bring them out. This look is amazing on its own, and it will be perfect for any occasion.

All of the pictures in this post are my own, so if you are interested in using them, contact me first.

Before I forget, I am so happy for this to be Forever Fuchsia's 150th post! Thanks to all of our readers, you all are the best!

Tell me in the comments what you think of this look, and what your camera ready secrets are! Feel free to request a post by commenting below or contacting us at with any questions. Thank you so much for reading!

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