Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shopping Trip Haul!

                                                                  Hello Readers!
Sorry neither of us has posted for awhile, we have been having some major technicaal issues, but we got it all fixed! So about three days ago I took a trip to the mall to use up my $25 giftcard to Forever 21 and to find some other cute things for summer! I thought I would show you my purchases!

     First I got this adorable skirt from Forever 21! I love this skirt because it is form fitting, but its not super tight. It also falls right above the knee, which is a decent length. Forever 21 tends to make really short skirts so I was lucky to find this one! I also love the pattern on it. In this picture you can't really see the true color, it's a very bright neon yellow! This cost 10.80$.

This is the back of the shirt, the front is plain white.

     Then, I started to think, this skirt is so bright, what can I put with it? My first thought was a white cami and a beige sweater, but that would be too hot for summer. I didn't want another yellow thing because then I would look like a lemon. So I looked around Forever 21 and I found this gorgeus shirt! Its plain white and flowy in the front, but in the back it's crazy! This reminds me of the saying, business in the front, and party in the back! But this shirt is so see through that I got a white cami to go with it.

Next I got Sally Hanson Salon Effects So Romantic. This is one of my favorite products that Sally Hansen has made. They take about 30 minutes to do both of your hands, and they turn out great! They stay on for about 2 weeks usually for me. My only complaint is that sometimes they chip.

Then I got some blonde bobby pins. I am always useing these things and I always loose them! Ever since my hairdresser messed up and cut my hair so short it's at my chin (I asked for it at my shoulder) I have to use these to do alot of hairdo's. I'm also so glad I found them in blonde! Most places only have bronze, brown, and black.

Thats it! Comment and tell me what you think of these products! We love to hear from our readers!
--Glitter Girl








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