Friday, July 6, 2012

Forever 21 Shoes

Hey Everyone!

     Every girl needs a good pair of heels. Not only do they make your legs look longer and more toned, but they are so much fun! The only problem that I run into is they can get very pricey. A good pair of shoes can cost a lot, but I trade out my shoes like I change my makeup looks, so I needed to find a less expensive site. And that is when I thought of Forever 21! I was doubting the quality, but I have gotten a couple of pairs from them and they are actually pretty good. I wouldn't get these if you are looking for your everyday pair of shoes, but if you need some fill in heels, these are great!

These are awesome! If you want the height without the chance of twisting you ankle, finding heels with a platform on them are perfect. These have a six inch heel, but with the platform, it is like walking on four. The black contrast trim is the perfect touch to dress these up a little.

I love these! The roses on these will easily dress up any outfit, but the cork wedge makes them the perfect versatile shoe. I love wedges, and if you are just getting started with heels, you might want to start with wedges. Not only will they distribute your weight perfectly, but they are super easy to walk in. I worked my way up in wedges before I moved on to heels.

Are these perfect to dress up jeans or what? They are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit that needs a little color, and the floral pattern will dress up any dull work outfit. The knotted open toe is a nice touch too.

These are perfect for going out at night. I can totally see Hanna on Pretty Little Liars wearing these! They are fashion forward and slightly edgy, so maybe Aria would like these too... Anyways, the detailed cutouts on these are fun, and you don't have to worry about wobbling all over if you are new to heels because of the platform!

I love that Forever 21 has heels that are one step up from the typical type. They take a basic black heel and turn them into studded platform heels! If you want something that will add a little edge to your outfit, these are perfect.

Hello, color! Would these be amazing to pair with some jeggings and a cream top? Bright colors can be in more then just a top, you can easily make it work for shoes too. I can do an outfit of the day post soon showing my favorite ways to wear color!

And those are my favorites! I have been shoe crazy lately, and Forever 21 is not exactly helping my addiction! Tell me in the comments what your go to pair of heels are, and feel free to request a post. I will be doing requested posts soon, so keep reading! Make sure to follow if you haven't already!

♥ Perfectly Pink


Anonymous said...

Dear Perfectly Pink and Glitter Girl,

I love shoes but the thing is i always have problems with picking out shoes because (i have huge feet and flat feet and always need a arch support and that means no flats) i was wondering if you knew of any shoes that aren't too flat but just high enough for me to wear to school and not fall flat on my face... also the burning question in my head... do shoes get uglier the bigger the size? thanks! and i hope you can do a post!!!!
~Sans G. :} :} ;} ;} <3

Emilie Lynn said...

These are all so cute! My favorites are the nude, burgundy and orange. Great post

Bell said...
Check it out for even more beauty tips!

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