Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to do a Perfect Cat Eye

Hello Readers!
A couple of weeks ago I was at the Mac counter seeing what I needed to add to my collection, and one of the Mac artists came up and helped me out. She had an giant cat eye, and I really liked the look so today I'm going to show you how to make the perfect cat eye!

I used Maybelline's Ultra Liner. To do a Cat eye it's best to have a liquid eyeliner because they are easier to use (although they get really messy sometimes) and they look sharper.

1. First, put the tip of the eyeliner at the inner corner of your eye, and make a line until the end of the lashline. Try to do this all in one stroke, it will make the line look more even. Then, start in the middle of the line you just made and make the line thicker towards the end of the lash line. You can make this line as thick as you want. I like to make the line really thick, I feel that it is easier to make the wing if it's thick.

2.Then start at the bottom on the of the line, and wing it up. Next, form a triangle using that line you made. When I say triangle, the line should not be straight. Look at the picture of the end look to see what I mean.

3. Fill in the wing and your done!

This might take you a couple of tries to get it perfect, but it looks amazing! You don't have to make the wing so big, I just made mine super sized so that it would show up better in the picture! Also, try to use small strokes, because if you mess up on one of the strokes it will be easier to correct!

If you want to look a little more intense, you can also put eyeliner on the bottom lashline.

And this is the final look!

I hope you like this post! Please comment and tell me what your favorite liquid eyeliner is! And follow us if you haven't already!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a dramatic and cool eye!


Forever Fuchsia said...

Thank you! Feel free to request any posts, I would be happy to do them!
--Glitter Girl

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