Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Casual Chic OOTD

Hey Everyone!

     I wanted to do a quick update post on my outfit today because I can finally start posting on transitional pieces! This is a really casual outfit of the day, but I am absolutely in love with the purse, so I decided to post on it. This can easily be dressed up with a few glitzy bracelets, but I decided to keep it simple.

My top is a basic black half sleeved tee. This is so soft, and it makes your core look really toned. I do not like to wear anything too loose for shirts, and this is form fitting without being skin tight. Basically, it is really cute and you can still breath while wearing it, which is a total win-win situation!

I wore this with my navy jeans and Tommy Hilfiger flip flops. The jeans have more of a jeggings type fabric to them, but they are still more roomy then a typical pair of jeggings. I love wearing these because you won't overheat in them, which makes them one of my top transitional pieces. The TH flip flops have such a cute print on the straps, plus they bring out the green in my purse. The weather is impossible, it is so warm out one minute and I am freezing the next. I love this outfit because I can roll up the sleeves on my tee and make it work!

My favorite part of this outfit is my green purse. This adds a pop of color without being too bold, and it really pops against the black shirt. This purse is so light, I can haul around everything around really easily. It looks really bright in the studio lighting, but you can pair it with a lot of outfits.

I wore my pearl ring and a long silver necklace to tie in the silver on the purse. I don't like to match everything up, but because these are both interesting pieces on their own, it works. I have worn the silver ring a lot, I think it is so unique but simple. Long necklaces are always fun, I looped this around twice so it wouldn't hang down too far.

You could also pair this with a silky scarf, but I decided to go for the necklace to dress it up a little more.

These are my favorite Tommy Hilfiger flip flops. I have worn these so much throughout the summer, they are really comfy to walk around in.

I wore this with my Awakened Eyes makeup tutorial, and straightened my hair with my Hair Rage flat iron.

That was my outfit of the day! Tell me in the comments how you like to add a pop of color to your look, and make sure to follow. Thanks for reading!


Laurenlovesmakeupxoxo said...

i love the necklace!

Forever Fuchsia said...

Thanks Lauren! It is one of my favorites!

Jenna said...

Cute outfit! The ring is really pretty!

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