Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Hey everyone!
If you read my last post, you know I have been going through a major cleaning/organization stage. I was going through everything on my vanity and it was all fairly neat, except my brushes were a mess! Keeping your brushes clean is essential for a flawless complexion, not only does it enhance the application, but dirty makeup brushes can hold a ton of germs in them. A lot of people don't clean their brushes as much as they should, some don't even know how! This is my favorite way to keep my brushes clean.

For everyday cleaning, I use Mac's brush cleanser. I like to put this in a spray bottle so I can quickly spot clean my brushes. If you are using a really pigmented or creamy color that stains the bristles, this will eliminate some of the stain. Even if my brush isn't coated in a ton of products, I still like to give it a spritz to keep up with it. I just keep a towel next to my vanity so I can wipe the brushes on it, and toss it in the wash every week.

Spot cleaning is great for an every day cleanser, but I like to deep clean my brushes about every week. This gets all of the product out of them, plus it makes the bristles softer and last longer. I have been using baby shampoo forever, it is soft on the bristles while still taking all of the makeup out of them. I just put a little dab of it in the middle of my hand, and then take a dampened brush and swirl it. After it has lathered up nicely, rinse the brush until the water runs clear. I just set my brushes down on my vanity and let the bristles hang off the edge, and let them dry overnight. It is so much fun to wake up to what appears to be a brand new set of brushes!

If you have a really stubborn stain in your white haired brushes, I have a trick to get it out. A lot of people use olive oil for cooking, but a ton use it for cleaning stains too! I used the bright red in the Makeup Forever Flash Palette for an editorial look, and it would not come out. I just put a dab of olive oil in my hand, worked it through the bristles, and then cleaned it as I normally would. The white bristled brushes are so pretty when you first get them, so my goal is to keep them in that condition!

Before you leave your brushes to dry, you will want to re-shape them. This keeps the brush's original shape while preventing stray hairs. I just lightly press the bristles into whatever it was, and then I leave them to dry.When your brushes are wet, make sure to never store them upright. The water from the brush drips down into the barrel, and it loosens the glue, making the brush more prone to shedding. If you get a new brush, clean it before using it to also prevent shedding. Those are my favorite tips to keep my brushes in tip-top shape! Make sure to follow, and tell me in the comments what your favorite way to clean your brushes is. Feel free to request a post by commenting or emailing us at foreverfuchsia@gmail.com. Thanks for reading!


Oanh Le said...

I love M.A.C cleaner too! Great for quick clean :-)


Forever Fuchsia said...

I always keep it near me, it is my HG brush cleanser!


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