Saturday, August 4, 2012

Everyday Makeup And Hair Organization

Hey Everyone!
I feel like we have been doing a ton of organization posts lately, so I decided to add to the pile! Keeping your collection neat and organized is essential, it helps me find the products that I need faster and it makes me a lot more efficient. I did a makeup collection post a while ago, and I try to use everything in my collection, but there are some staples that I use everyday. I put those in my vanity drawer to simplify my morning routine, and I finally have my heat tools and roller stash under control. This is my favorite way to keep everything organized!

I keep all of my rollers in this because I can see in the compartments while they stay neat. I love being able to take something out and throw it back in without it looking horrid! I keep my curlfoarmers, bendable rollers, foam rollers, and my ripped up t-shirt that I use for super tight curls in here! I used to keep these in my drawers, but it jumbled up so easily. I can also clip my sectioning clips to the sides, which make them easily accessible, and I end up using them more.

This is where I do my hair and also my heat tools storage! I absolutely adore my Vanity Girl Hollywood mirror, I got this in about a year ago and have used it everyday since. I remember when I was waiting for it to come in, I was obsessively tracking it and could not wait for it to arrive! This is really useful, you can see what your hair and makeup will look like in different lighting situations, plus it provides you with a full glam experience.

This is how I store my heat tools, and this drawer can get jumbled up pretty easily. It is a challenge to keep the cords looking halfway decent, so I try to make it look as neat as possible and just go with it! I have my flat irons behind the blow dryer, and then I have different curling irons up toward the front. I like to keep a nice variety of barrel sizes available, you can create so many different looks with all of them.

I keep some everyday makeup products in my hair section because I am really into final touches. When I am doing my hair, I can really see what the final look is going to be, adding a little more gloss can make the entire look. Okay, that sounds way to magical to be true, but I mean it! This is nice to have by my door as well, I can grab whatever I need before I head out. Overall, I love my set up for this section!

Technically, I have two sets of my everyday beauty products. I like to keep one by my hair stuff that consists of travel-friendly products, and then another of my everyday essentials in the full size! Try to keep my face products in the main part, and then eye and lip products in the little yellow basket. This really speeds up my morning routine, so I am really happy with my updated system!

I really like my new organization, even though it changes up every couple of weeks! Make sure to follow, and tell me in the comments what your system is! Thanks for reading!


Hattie B-Dale said...

I loved this post.
I also wanted to tell you I have tagged you for the Liebster Blog Award. Go to my blog - - for the rules :)


Forever Fuchsia said...

Thanks! We will check it out!

xoxo Perfectly Pink

Elizabeth said...

Great storage ideas!
Thanks for Visiting my blog! (: I'm following your blog now!


Forever Fuchsia said...

Thanks for the follow!

Perfectly pink

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