Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back To School Makeup Part 1

Hello Readers!
School is just around the corner! This means back to those rushed mornings where we barely have time to do our makeup. Today I am going to show you some eye looks for school, that can be done in seconds, but look like you spent a long time doing it and put lots of effort into it.   I will also do Back to School Makeup #2 which will be lips, and Back To School Makeup #3 will be face.

This look is very light, and casual, but it makes your eyes really pop. For this look, put Shale from Mac Cosmetics all over the lid, and All that Glitters in the crease and inner corner. I also use Too Faced's Lashlight Mascara.

And here is the final look!
This makeup look was really hard to get a picture of and you can't really see it here, but it gives you an idea of what it will look like.
This next look would really look good with brown eyes. I will probably wear this look to school, it's one of my favorites. First put earthly all over the lid, and then apply Nylon in the crease, and the inner corner. I also used Cover girl's Two in One Mascara.
And here is the final look!

Finally, the last look for today is a look for a girl who likes to have fun, be a little crazy, and look really cool. When you hear the colors I am using you will think, only Katy Perry would wear that, but the colors are really light and subtly so it's appropriate for school. I used a purple from my Nordstrom Makeup Palette, and Electra from mac cosmetics. For this look, put the the purple all over the lid lightly, and then Electra in the crease and outer corner. I also used the Lashlight Mascara again!

And here is the final look!

Thanks for reading! I will have BTS Makeup number one and two up soon! Comment and tell me which look is your favorite, and follow us if you haven't already! Oh and sorry the pictures weren't the greatest today, I had to use another camera.


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