Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Refreshing Tips And Tricks

Hey everyone!

Before I get started, I want to give you all a quick update on my upcoming posts! As I promised, I am going to do my favorite drugstore products part 2, and expect some makeup tutorials coming up soon, there is a mysterious masquerade ball makeup look coming up! Feel free to leave any requests in the comments, and let's get started!

If you have seen my skin care post, you know that I have been trying to keep up with my routine. The products that I have been using are still working really well for me, but I have been using one simple trick to seal all of the products down and lock the moisture in. Your skin loses around eight ounces of water a day, so keep it moisturized! These are my tricks to stray away from dry skin.

I first started using this with my Biore Ice Facial Cleanser, it was really refreshing and it has a great lather to it, and I loved the cool, icy feeling. I had heard that cooler water is better for your skin to wash it in, so I took the test and it worked! I use really warm water before I apply any moisturizing products to open up my pores, and then I use cold water to rinse off any scrubs and seal it all in! Cold water tightens your pores, I have even used an ice cube over my face for a flawless canvas. This was an easy transition to make, but my next one might take a little more to jump into!

I was really tentative about trying this one out, and it is to take a cooler shower. This is really effective, especially in the morning, but you have to ease your way into it. I used my same technique in this as I did on my face, I started with warm water and rinsed with cooler water. Okay, this sounds a lot easier then it is! As simple as this sounds, I was ready to jump out of the shower when I turned the tempature down! I thought this was a total waste of time, but it turned out that it really worked!

 I felt more alert throughout the rest of the day, and because I rinsed my hair with cold water, I sealed all of the products into it, making it much silkier. I noticed the biggest difference in my face, it was noticeably brighter and my undereye circles were almost invisible! I would highly recommend using the
Ice Blue soap from Lush, the jolting peppermint and lemon citrus blend really makes the whole experience!

My next cooling tip is to refrigerate your liquid beauty products. I will be the first to admit, this makes me sound partially insane, but trust me, it works! I like to store skin care serums in here, and it really makes a major difference. I feel like they apply more smoothly, plus they will reduce the size of my pores! The only downside to this is I keep having to run downstairs to my fridge... Maybe I should pick up a mini one for my room?

So these are my favorite quick tips to get poreless, perfect skin! Hydration is essential to your skin, and the more moisturized it is, the better. Dry skin can cause pre-mature wrinkles, and even though that is not a concern to me right now, it will be in the future! Tell me in the comments below if you have tried any of these, and make sure to follow if you haven't! Thanks for reading!


MuahhWhosThatChic said...

Hii doll great post love it im problably getting one of those

Forever Fuchsia said...

Thanks! I am loving anything icy, I am trying to hang on to the last bit of summer!

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