Friday, August 10, 2012

MAC Eye Brush Collection And Review

Hey Everyone!
     Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have been working on this one for what seems like forever! This is my brush collection and review, but this is the first section of my Mac eye brushes. Makeup brushes are essential for me, I like to keep a few sets on hand for doing my makeup and doing other people's makeup. Hopefully this post will help you decide on a few brushes, or help you re-discover some old favorites! I tried taking my own pictures, but it didn't fit in well with the format of the post, so I have almost every brushed linked to Mac so you can view the details.

MAC 222: My first brush is my Mac 222 brush. The 222 brush is a great multi-purpose brush, it works really well for blending out shadows, or applying a smoked out crease color. You can easily control the amount you apply by holding the handle closer to the top for a heavier application, or closer to the bottom for a lighter wash of color. You cannot purchase this in Mac stores or counters because it is discontinued, but I would check out CCO's if you are interested, so sorry for not having a link! 
MAC 214The 214 has to be my favorite for smudgy eyeliner! I love to take a darker shadow and line my eyes using this brush, it creates the perfect definition without being too precise. During the day, I love to have a clean, sharp line for eyeliner. Using this brush is a great way to take your makeup from day to night. Toss this in your purse with your favorite pressed eyeshadow and you are good to go!

MAC 213: One of my favorites is the 213. This can be used for just about anything, but I like to use it for an all over lid color, or a sharper crease. This brush can create the best definition in the crease, you can blend it out or keep it as it is. You can really press the color in with this, so I like to keep my 213 brush on hand!

MAC 266My favorite eyeliner brush would have to be the 266 angled eyeliner brush. I can use this with pressed eyeshadows and gel liners, and it creates the most amazing wings. I can also use this brush for defining my eyebrows, but I like to have an extra or two around just in case.

MAC 210The 210 brush is another one of Mac's eyeliner brushes, and even though I use the 266 more often, the 210 is amazing for gel liners. I used this with Macroviolet Fluidline, and it worked really well! The 266 provides more of a controlled application, but the 210 is my go-to brush when I want a thicker line.

MAC 252: The next brush is my Mac 252 large flat shader brush. This is great for covering large areas with concealer, or applying a cream product to your eyes. I went with the 252 instead of the smaller 242 because I wanted to cover up the area faster. I love to use this with paint pots, using this brush helps even out the product and create the perfect wash of color.

MAC 217: If you are in the market for flawless concealer, meet the 217 brush! I originally used this for my crease, but I was tired of my concealer caking up. I have tried some different blending brushes for concealer in the past, but the application process was too messy. I was so happy that this one worked the way it did! I lightly buff the product in using circular motion, and it looks absolutely airbrushed.

MAC 227: The 227 is a newer addition to my collection, I got this with Shroom for a brow highlight. I am almost more obsessed with highlighting my brow bone as I am priming my eyes; it makes such a difference! Not only will provide your eyes with an instant lift, it will contrast with the color of your eyebrows, defining your face shape even more. I pat whatever my highlight color is for the day on with this brush, and I haven't had any problems with it.

MAC 224: My next brush is the 224 blending brush. This was be of my very first brushes, I have used it every day since I purchased it! I usually do not put any color on this brush, I just use it to blend. This will make everything look absolutely flawless, it is the perfect finishing touch to any look.

MAC 219: The 219 pencil brush is my favorite to use for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes. I love to use Nylon or any other shimmery highlight color and lightly apply it to the inner tear ducts. If you are lacking on sleep and it is showing, this will make a major difference! You can use this for defining the outer "V" of your eyes as well, so it is a great multi-use brush to have on hand.

MAC 239: Finally, I have Mac's best selling eye brush, the 239. This brush is so amazing, it can fill in the lid, define the crease, and apply a brow highlight. If you can think of something that you need this brush to do, I can assure you it will work. I would highly recommend this for a Mac starter kit, it is one of my favorites!

These are my must-have eye brushes from Mac! Tell me in the comments what your favorites are, and also tell me if you want a Mac face brush review. Make sure to follow, and thanks for reading!


Kaile said...

I love this post!! Ive been looking for the perfect concealer brush forever, thanks for the review! Could you do a makeup look post on how to make your eyes look bigger? Something that you can wear for everyday and school maybe? I just wanted to ask, I have been a fan for a couple of months now, you are such great role models to girls. Thanks for providing a fun place to talk about makeup and beauty questions!

Love, Kaile

Forever Fuchsia said...

Thank you! We love to hear from our readers, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! Glitter Girl and I are doing a back to school series, so I would highly recommend checking out those!

Perfectly Pink

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