Friday, August 10, 2012

Purses and Clutches To Add Color To Your Look!

Hello Readers!
One of my favorite ways to add some color or contrast to an outfit is with purses or clutches! I absolutely love crazy and unique purses, and if you want to try out some bright and crazy purses, here is some inspiration from my own collection!

I don't like having to drag around huge purses, although I probably should get a big purse because trying to stuff everything into this small purse is a big challenge. But I love this purse, because it's hip, and works well with a cute summer dress. Sometimes I like to wear a white shirt and white shorts to make this bag really pop! It has two pockets to hold money and stuff which is great because it's too small to fit a normal sized wallet inside. I got this at Old Navy.

This is my favorite purse ever!!!!!! My sister got me it yesterday for my birthday. #Bestsisterever. I have been carrying it around all day because I can't stand to put it down! It's crazy, but elegant at the same kind. It's not that big, it's about the size of a large pancake, but it's just big enough to hold some cash and credit cards. It's from Pink Bungalow.

And finally is this blue clutch from Sephora. It's elegant, it is a blue snakeskin pattern, with a gold sign on the front that says Yuma Bella. The strap you can see in the picture is removable. This would go great with a plain dress to add a pop of color, or a bright summer outfit! The gold sign on the front and the gold zippers really had a touch of sophistication to this clutch and make it wearable for a fancy party or something.

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Alicia said...

I am totally the opposite. I carry around huge purses and bring everything I could possibly need or want. I do love these purses though. Maybe I should think of downsizing. Xx :)

Forever Fuchsia said...

I completely understand the need for a big bad, I need to get a larger purse. But these small purses are great for walking around the mall or going out to eat!
--Glitter Girl

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