Monday, August 13, 2012

Awakened Eyes Tutorial

Hey Everyone!

I am really excited for today's post, it is my edition of the back to school makeup tutorial! Glitter Girl is doing these as well, but because we have different undertones and hair colors, we are both going to do our own versions of these looks. This tutorial is one of my favorites, not only will it brighten up your entire face, it will also reduce the appearance of any dark circles. These are my secrets to looking like I got those essential hours of sleep!

 The first step is to apply concealer to any dark circles or blemishes. I like to use my Mac 217 brush for this, it really gives that airbrushed look. When you are applying concealer under your eyes, make sure to add a little to your lids as well. This creates a "primer" that will make your shadows last longer, and it will reduce the appearance of dark circles. Most people think that it will only show under your eyes, but applying a little concealer to your lids can make a major difference.

Next, we want to brighten our eyes by highlighting. I like to use a lighter shimmery color like Nylon or Shroom from Mac for this step, and using the 219 pencil brush, highlight the inner corners of my eyes. This will bring the light to your eyes, making them appear bigger and wide awake. Make sure to blend this out a little, you want the effect to be very natural.

Now that we have cured any dark circles, it is time to add the lid color. I wanted to use something that was different, something that would work for any eye color. I applied Naked Lunch from Mac all over my lid with a 239 brush, which made a major difference! Naked Lunch is such a beautiful color, is is natural with a hint on peach in it. This will add a touch on shimmer to your lid without being too much.

Because we focused most of the shimmer on the lid, I wanted to add something soft to the crease that complemented the look without being too much. I added Modelette by Mac in my crease with a 222, and blended it upward. This was a limited edition color, but you could use Cork to get the same effect. For a little more definition, you could add this to your outer corner with a 213.

Now it is time for the finishing touches, one of them being a brow highlight! I applied Blanc Type, one of my all time favorites from Mac, on my brow bone with a 227. This accented Modelette really well, and it brought all of the shadows together.

Eyeliner is the key to natural looks, you can define the shape of your eyes and make your lashes look so much fuller. I am going to use Dipdown fluidline by Mac with a 210 on my upper lash line and on my tightline. Tightlining your eyes is the most natural way to wear eyeliner, it is called invisible eyeliner in Japan. You can add the lower lash line or waterline if you want this look to be more dramatic.

The final step for the eyes is Mascara. One coat of mascara looks like three on my eyelashes, so you don't have to make it look as heavy as it looks in the picture! I used forever 21's Love and Beauty black mascara. This really makes your lashes look extremely full and thick, it is pretty good quality for the price. This reminds me of one of my all time favorite mascaras, Mac plush lash.

For blush, I used Mac's Well Dressed for a light pink glow. This is such a pretty color, I can see why it is one of Mac's best sellers. I wanted a really light application for this, so I used the C427 Tapered Duo Fiber Blush Brush by Crown Brush. This gives the most natural, flawless application, any duo fiber face brush with give that effect.

That is my everyday basic look! If you want to make this look a bit more natural, I would tone down the eyeliner and mascara. This only took me five minutes to create on my first try, so it doesn't take up much time. Keep an eye out for more of these posts coming out soon, we are having so much fun with this series!

Tell me in the comments what your favorite look is to brighten up your eyes, and make sure to follow! Feel free to email us, and check out our latest "contact us" page at the top. Thanks for reading!


Laurenlovesmakeupxoxo said...


Forever Fuchsia said...

Thanks Lauren! I am glad you like it!

Courtney said...

Oh my gosh your eyelashes are amazing! Is that how they look without false lashes, and just mascara? And this look is stunning, I need to try it for school!

Forever Fuchsia said...

Thank you! Yes, these are my natural eyelashes with a hint of mascara on them! Thanks for the comment!

Jordan said...

Pretty! Do you wear colored contacts or are your eyes naturally that blue? They are so gorgeous!

Forever Fuchsia said...

Thanks! I do wear contacts, but there is no color to them! Thanks for the comment!q


Jo said...

well dressed by mac has to be my fav blush atm <3 love it

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