Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Purple Look!

Hello Readers!

photo 2.JPG
I am in love with this new trio eye shadow I got from Sephora! It is Ultraviolet. So today I wanted to create a makeup look that incorporated this new eye shadow trio!

So this is the eye shadow! First use the color the top right corner, (my finger is pointing to it) and apply it thickly all over the lid. This color looks dark, but it's actually very sheer and light. So I had to put alot on to make it the color it looks like in the pot.

Next I took the dark purple on the bottom (my finger is pointing to it) and put in in the inner corner and the crease. When you put it in the crease, blend it down close to the lashline, but not completely down. This color is very dark, but be careful when you use it and make sure to blend or else it might look like you have a black eye.
photo 3.JPG
photo 2.JPG

Then I smudged Nylon from Mac Cosmetics.To do this, brush your brush lightly in Nylon, then lightly dab it across your lashline. Be very careful not to put on alot, make the line very thin.

photo 5.JPG

Next I used Maybelline's Ultra Liquid Liner. Just make a thin line across your lashline. One way that will help you make your line better, is to try to do the lashline all in one stroke. Then if you want to make it thicker use small quick strokes.

photo 1.JPG

And finally for the eye, to top this look off, I wanted a mascara that was very black and made my lashes look fuller, so I used Lashlight from Too Faced, this is my all time favorite mascara. If you want to read a full review on it, click on this link.:

For the lips, I went with Rusty Rose from Sephora. This lip gloss isn't really for school or daytime, it's a night out lip gloss. It's a darker color, but a bit more youthful then using dark red. My only complaint is that it;s very sheer, so if you were looking a for something that's not so sheer, use a lipstick.
photo 4.JPG

That's all! This is the final eye look:

Comment and tell me what your favorite night time lipgloss is! Feel free to follow us and contact us at!


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