Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lush "Emotional Brilliance" Line

Hey everyone!

     When I heard this news about one of my favorite brands, I knew I just had to share! Lush is coming out with a makeup line! Lush Currently has a full coverage, extremely opaque line of foundation, but now they are coming out with their own line. It is called Emotional Brilliance, and they have a color for every mood. It sounds interesting, here are the promotional pictures!

I am not sure what the application from of it is, they come in what appears to be little glass bottles, so I cannot wait to check these out!

These are the Liquid Lips, and they have a really cool formula. The base of these is Ultrabalm, which is an amazing moisturizer. These are supposed to be really pigmented, and they are priced at $22.95.

I take it these are the cream eyeshadows, they look really pretty! Lush took a risk by using brighter colors, but I know it will pay off. They might be taking an approach similar to Illamasqua, instead they use those bright colors to represent moods. I love it!

Overall, Lush makes amazing products. If it is a bubble bar or a cream eyeshadow, I am sure the quality will be great. tell me in the comments below if you are going to try out this new line, and feel free to request a post! Thanks for reading!

♥ Perfectly Pink


Isabel said...

Great post! I agree, lush has some amazing products, I can't wait to try these out! I love your makeup looks, they are always amazing. Could you do a post on how you get your eyeliner so sleek? Mine gets all over the place, I can never get a perfect line! Thanks for sharing!

xo Isabel

sarah said...

i wonder how these will perform!


Forever Fuschia said...

Thank you!I would be happy to do an eyeliner post, it will be up soon! Thanks for reading!

Forever Fuschia said...

Me too! I think they have something similar to a liquid eyeliner applicator, but the brush on the end of it is thicker. Thanks for reading!

Judy said...

Hello! I nominated you to the Liebster Blog Award! Go to my blog to find out what you need to do! :) x

Bell said...
Check it out for more tips!

Bell said...

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