Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tropical Eyes

Hey everyone!

     Thank goodness finals are over! It has been one interesting week, and now I can get back to my normal posting schedule! Anyways, I thought it would be fun to do a tutorial on a tropical look. In the summertime, you can get away with colorful looks. I have been loving this look, so here it is!

Instead of starting off with Urban Decay primer potion like I usually do, I am going to use a paint pot. This will give you a colored base, and it will make your shadows stay all day long!

Next I took Lucky Green with a 239 brush and applied it to the outer half of my lid. This green has a little yellow shimmer in it, so it works really well with the paint pot! Also, make sure to get all the way into the upper lash line, the yellow under it will show unless Lucky Green is smudged into the lash line! Then I put this on the inner half of my waterline for more color.

Freshwater is the clearest summer blue that I could think of, so I just had to use it! I used the 213 brush to apply this to the outer "V" also known as the outer third of the lash line following up to the crease. I prefer the 213 instead of a pencil brush because the 213 blends it better. I don't like the look of a harsh line in the crease! After that, I applied this to my un-lined outer half of my waterline. I blended these colors in the center for added definition. I also used this on my upper lashline.

I used the 224 and Blanc Type to highlight my browbone. I do this every time to lift up my eyebrow and make my eyes appear bigger!

I then used Mac False Lash mascara. You know I love this stuff, it works wonders! This formula is perfect, it is not too dry or way too wet. I love it because it holds without flaking all day!

Because this is a summer look, I need to pull off a tan! I used Nars Laguna bronzer with a 168 brush to contour my cheekbones and slightly warm up my face. I like to build the product from the outside of the face when it comes to bronzer, because you contour instead of creating a fake look. If you start the bronzer in the middle of your face when you don't have your perfect tan, it won't look good. If you start from the outside, it is much more natural!

And this is the finished look! I love the waterline in this look, and I think the yellow really brought out my eyes! This will work on any eye color, but it will really make blue eyes pop! Sorry my eye is kind of red, I have been messing with different looks and annoying them all day!

Thanks for reading, and leave a comment telling me if you tried out this look! I really had fun with this one, I cannot wait to do more summer makeup looks! Feel free to request any posts, I promise there are many more posts coming up!

♥ Perfectly Pink


Sister Couture said...

love your blog so much! your so talented! i followed <3 do you think you could maybe follow me back? would love my blog to be as good as yours xx

Tanesha-Marie said...

Lovely review and your eye make-up looks really good :)

Tanesha x

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