Friday, June 8, 2012

Fashion in Dance!

As a dancer, I can tell you that those plain black leotards can seem boring sometimes, but that is what most serious dance schools require. But, that doesn't mean that for a summer class you can't have some fun with your leotard! And if you don't dance, these leotards are still fun to look at! I think what makes these leotards so interesting, is what the designers have done with the design of the leotard. They didn't just do a normal shaped leotard and make it neon green to grab attention, they changed the design which creates a very cool look.

This one is super cool. Now thats not because its neon pink, its because of the design of the strap. You just don't expect it! Have you ever heard the saying business in the front, and party in the back? I think that describes these leotards.

This one is my favorite one, I want it so badley! Its such a beautiful back with the ovals cut out of it, it's just gorgeus!

I'm loving this leotard too! It looks like a plain leotard in the front, but then the back is crazy! The triangles are just so unique because on leotards mostly circles are cut out of the back.

I hope you liked this post! Please comment and tell me what you think of these leotards!
--Glitter Girl


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