Thursday, June 14, 2012

Liquid Eyeliner

     A couple of weeks ago I was looking around at Ulta, seeing if there was anything that I needed to add to my makeup collection. But when I came to the Smashbox section, instead of heading straight to there lipgloss (if you have read my Smashbox Lipgloss posts you know how obsessed I am), I went over to the eyeliner section. I instantely fell in love with their Limitless Liquid Liner Pen.

     I tried it out and it was amazing! It could go from a normal day look to evening out look in seconds, all you had to do was make it thicker for nighttime. And, it was so intense, I have never seen a black, so, black! It also looked much sharper then regular eyeliner, because regular eyelinerr can smudge, and it doesn't always give you that wow factor that makes your eyes really stand out.

     Then I started thinking, is there a mascara out there that can match this eyeliner? Mac's False Lashes Mascara does. It is an intense black, and it makes your eyelashes really thick and makes them stand out more.

If you want to learn a dramatic look to go with this eyeliner, go to my dramatic look post I did. Heres the link:
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--Glitter Girl


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