Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Heart Nail Idea!

                                                                     Hello Readers!
I was looking at some of my recent posts whle trying to decide what to post on, and I realized that I haven't done a nail post in a while. So I came up with a couple of nail ideas, and I think this one is my favorite so I thought I would show you this one first!

Supplies needed: Two different colors of nail polish, and a safety pin.

So first I took a rather bright color as my base. I suggest using either a really sparkely polish or a bright neon nail polish. I took Nicole by OPI's sparkely gold color called Then Next CEO. Apply it all over your nail just like if you were only using that color.

Let that nail polish dry completely.

Now take a color that is a complete opposite of your base color, and I suggest useing a light color, but it must be able to cover your base color. Put this all over your base color so you can't see the base color at all. I used Essie's To  buy, or not to buy.

Now count to 15. After 15 second take out your safety pin, open it up and take the super sharp end and carve a heart in the top layer of nail polish. Keep going over and over the lines to make the lines thicker, but don't do so thick that you can't tell it's a heart.
Let it dry and then do it to all of your other nails. But you don't have to do hearts. Here are some other ideas:
1. Moody Nails! Do a little face on each nail and make each face a different emotion!
2. Polka dots!
3. Your name! Make each nail a letter of your name!

When you do this it makes a very cool effect and it's much easier than it sounds! I hope you enjoy! Please comment and tell me what you think.
--Glitter Girl


sarah said...

do you have any photos of the final look?


Forever Fuschia said...

I would have put up a picture of the final look but my computer broke so I have to do my posts on my iPod. I promise that the moment it gets fixed I will upload a picture! Thanks for being patient,
--Glitter Girl

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