Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Secret to Waves

Hello readers! So lately, I have been on the hunt to find the secret to waves. I have tried twisted wet hair and sleeping like that, and just curling my hair on a super low heat, but nothing seems to work! I decided that I will probably have to invest a little money in this search and buy a spray or hair waver. So these are my options. If you have tried any of these please comment and tell me how it was because right now I don't know which to choose.

First is this beach wave spray from the company Fekkai. It is pricey though (25.00) so before I get it I want to make sure it's worth the price.

Second is a Ocean Spray from Alterna. Its a bit cheaper (20.00) but I haven't tried any of Alterna's products before so I have no experience with their products.

Then I moved on to waving tools. The only issue is that I don't want my hair to look like it's been crimped. So here are the possibilities:

First is Hot Tool's gold and purple Three Barrel Waver. I have found that Hot Tools makes some of the beat quality beauty tools. Ex; hair curler, straightener, etc. But they certainly are hot. Expecially when you are checking to see if the curling iron is hot and you touch it and you realize that your heat protective glove has a hole in it. That really hurt. But back on topic. If I do get a hair waver, I think I will go with this one because I know it will be great quality! This hair waver is $20.00. Not bad really!

The next one is Bedhead's Deep Waver. This was originally $35.00, but right now at Ulta it is on sale for $27.00. I haven't had any experence with Bed Head before, but if you have please comment and tell me about it!

Please comment and tell me what you know about these products! I appreciate this!
--Glitter Girl:)

All of these products can be found at www.ulta.com


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