Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Simple And Sophisticated Eyes

Hey Everyone!

     I have been working on some new eye looks, and my favorite so far is a clean black line of eyeliner. It is so clean, and the crisp line really defines the eye. Here is my favorite way to wear this look!

As always, start off with Urban Decay primer potion. This will make your shadows and liner last all day without smudging, plus it will keep it on much longer in this hot summer heat!

 I want the black mascara and liner to pop, so I applied Blanc Type all over the lid with a 239. This is a great color because it is a matte squared, which has a really soft texture to it.

Next, I wanted to brighten up my eyes a little. I used Vanilla pigment in the inner corners of my eyes. I used a 219 pencil brush to get a precise application. Vanilla has some tiny gold flecks in it, which will bring out any eye color.

After finishing my lid colors, I used Blackround paint pot to line my upper lash line. The reason I used a paint pot instead of a typical eyeliner is the paint pot gives more of a creamy look. Not only does it dry into a matte finish, it defines the eye really well while staying in place.
 I wanted lashes that would enhance the eyeliner, so I used Clinique's Lash Doubling Mascara. I am finishing up a sample of this, and I love it!

To finish off this look, apply Mac's eyeliner in fascinating to the waterline.
And here is the finished look! I think it is so simple, it works! I would love to pair this with a bright lip. I know it looks really simple in the picture, but because the line is slightly thicker than usual, it really defines the eye.

Also, I wanted to put in a quick note about the pictures of the products. I have been trying out some new lighting combos, and I think I am finally happy with it! Tell me in the comments below if you like these pictures better or the old ones. Feel free to request any posts, and make sure to follow. Thanks for reading!

♥ Perfectly Pink


Judy said...

I love the simplicity of this look, it's great for the everyday look and you can altern lip colours. love it! x



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