Monday, June 11, 2012

Cream Blushes!

Hey everyone!

    Do you ever wish your skin had more of a dewy glow? I have dry combination skin, my cheeks are dry while my T-zone is oily. I love the rosy glow that a powder blush gives, but in drier skin it can easily fade or look dull. that is why I love to wear cream blushes! you can find a creamy formula from just about any brand, so I will write about my technique!

     I like to start off with a stippling brush, often referred to as a skunk brush because of the black base and white tip to the bristles! I prefer a stippling brush because it has a softer, more airbrushed finish. If you use a paddle foundation brush, which is more dense, it will apply way too much of the product. Cream blushes are extremely opaque, so you need to use a softer hand when applying.

      The number one mistake most people make when applying a pigmented blush is that they start too far in. Think about it, you apply foundation around your nose to cover up redness. That is why I like to focus on blending out instead of too far in.

I would let it set a little and then softly blend any harsh lines with your fingers. The warmth from your skin makes the product more blendable!

You may not need this in the winter because your skin is naturally drier, but in the summer I like to set it with a little translucent powder. Right now I am finishing up a sample from Tarte, but any loose powder will do. Always put a loose powder over any cream product, the powder will make the cream last and it will create a smooth finish.

To keep with the glowing theme, add a little bit of your favorite highlighter to the top of the cheekbone. This draws the attention up, like a face lift in a bottle! Currently I am using High Beam by Benefit.

Thanks for reading, and tell me in the comments what your favorite cream blush is! Make sure to click the "join this site" button off to the side to follow! 

♥ Perfectly Pink


Canadian Beauty said...

great post! I love the tarte powder to keep shine away, too! I don't use cream blushes, they scare me. I can't apply them well so I stick to powder. I have been loving benefits blushes lately.

Canadian Beauty Reviews

Ms Meatballhead said...

Thanks for following me :) I followed back :) x I've only tried one cream blush, it was the Avon one. It came in a tube (like a giant lipstick) and I applied it directly from the tube :)

Forever Fuschia said...

Yeah, it took me a while to get used to them! I also love Benefit's blushes, I am obsessed with Coralista for summer. Thanks for reading!

Forever Fuschia said...

Cool! It sounds like it was in the form of a Nars multiple, I love those! Thanks for reading!

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