Monday, June 25, 2012

Union Jack

                                                                  Hello Readers!
Sorry I haven't posted in a week, I went on vacation and sadley, the place had no wifi. But now I promise I will try to post everyday! So while I was on vacation I noticed alot of people wearing the Union Jack. I also noticed that lots of clothing stores are coming out with shirts and other items with the Union Jack on them! So if this is the new fad, here are some items that you can get to stay in style.

This shirt is from Forever 21. Forever 21 is definetly aware of this new fad because they have 15 shirts with the Union Jack on them! I love this shirt because it looks like it was painted on, and I know it's not the most fitted shirt, but Forever 21 tends to make more flowy shirts, and I love that this one is more fitted. It would be super cute paired with a pair of dark wash short jeans and some gladiator sandals!

Delias is also in on this fad. They have recently come out with seven shirts with the Union Jack on them. This shirt is probably my favorite one that they've made because its a cute short tank, that can be paired with a cute colored cami under it, but it also is not the real colors of the Union Jack, which really stands out. I would pair this with a contrasting color cami.  

But not only clothing companies are putting the Union Jack on their items, some big time designers are doing it also. Chanel, for instance, came out with a Union Jack Bag. But of course they put there signature cc sign right in the middle of it. It is a cute bag, I could see someone walking around town and going into a shop with this bag. But this bag is sort of small so it's not the most practical.

And last but not least is this Alexander McQueen clutch. This is an absolutely adorable clutch, but it would put a giant hole in my wallet because it costs $2,295, so it's not exactly cheap. This is also a very unique clutch because at the top of it is a skull.

I hope you like this post! Please comment and tell me what you think.
--Glitter Girl


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