Tuesday, January 1, 2013

MAC Color Correctors?

Hey everyone!

     I wanted to put up a quick post talking about MAC's line of color correcting concealers. I have heard of the costal scents camo quads, but I am really curious about the MAC ones! I am contemplating the issue of ordering Pure Orange. The warm tones counteract any blue/purple tones such as dark undereye circles. Tell me in the comments if you use color correcting concealers and make sure to follow! Oh, and Happy New Year! Thank you for reading!


Laurenlovesmakeupxoxo said...

I didnt know that MAC did one, but it sounds great! I have there studio finish concealer which i like, happy new year!:)


Forever Fuchsia said...

I love studio finish as well! The coverage is amazing. :)

Mindy Fan said...

Thanks for this tip! I love Mac products so I might check this out!

I follow you now by the way!
Could you follow me too?

Clare Reed said...

These look fun; i will have to try them! Can you purchase these at freestanding stores?

Forever Fuchsia said...

No, they are a pro exclusive. Thankfully, MAC has released the pro range online, so they can be purchased there!

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