Friday, October 26, 2012

MAC Starter Kit: Eyeshadows

Hey Everyone!

    In my last post, I showed you how I organize my eyeshadows. I have some crazy colors in my collection, but I have my everyday neutrals that I always come back to. If I had to pick my top MAC eyeshadows, these would be my top choices to start your collection off with!

My First favorite is Shroom. This can be used to highlight your brow bone/cheekbone, and it is a beautiful lid color. Everyone needs to have a base color in their "eyeshadow wardrobe" and Shroom has to be my favorite.

How I wear it: I typically use this as a wash of color or a brow bone highlight.

 If you favor matte colors over shimmers, you will love Blanc Type. The matte squared texture is extremely soft; it lasts forever. This is one of the most frequently used colors in my collection, I just hit pan the
other day!

How I wear it: This must be my go to highlight, it is so natural and applies smoothly. Did I mention that I adore this at all?

Naked pigment is one of my must haves. The neutral base is full of shimmer, making it perfect for an all over wash of color. If you like
your lid color to be extremely opaque, you can dampen your brush to build up the intensity.
How I wear it: I love to use this wet with a 242 brush all over my lid. Be cautious when you use this, I have had plenty of pigment explosions happen in the past!

I am also a huge fan on Vanilla pigment. This is the key to
the "angel eye" look, I love applying it all over the lid with winged
liner. If you have blue eyes, put a little but of this in the inner corner. You
will be amazed at the results!

How I wear it: I will typically use this to highlight the inner corners. This color is so beautiful by itself; you could blend it on to the lid with a little mascara and be finished!

Cork is the number one color to have on hand for a natural
eye. Shroom on the lid with cork in the crease makes a beautiful natural look.

How I wear it: I use this in the crease for a natural look and on the lid if I want it to be a bit more dramatic. The 239 brush is perfect to use with Cork!

I absolutely adore Embark for a smokey eye. This color is
so versatile; you could use it for lining the eyes, cutting your crease color,
or popping it all over the lid.

How I wear it: I would have to say that I use this to set a liquid/gel liner or by itself as a liner. It will set off all eye colors, especially lighter eyes.

Finally, MAC's all time best seller when it comes to eyeshadows is All The Glitters. I cannot say enough about this color; it can be the base for looks or it can be a sheer wash of color. Either way, this works well with any eye color and skin-tone.

How I wear it: I tend to wear this as a lid color when I want a soft look.

That summarizes my favorite MAC eyeshadows! MAC is an amazing brand, but the never ending range of colors can be confusing to those who are new to it. Even if you have been a MAC lover forever, it is always fun to see other's favorites! Tell me in the comments if you can pick your favorite, and feel free to request a post! Thanks for reading!


Jessica said...

these are great! My favorites would have to be all that glitters and shroom. Great post!


Gabbi meade said...

Great picks! I love naked pigment; it is so stunning! It is a rare moment when you find a neutral that stands out on its own, which is why it is one of my favorites. Great post!

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