Monday, October 1, 2012

Favorite Fall Nail Polish's

                                                              Hello Readers!
Fall is about to be here, and with it comes some new nail polish colors! Who doesn't love a deep berry color, or an elegant color that can go with anything? Keep reading to find out more!

First up is Revlon's Cherries In The Snow. This is one of my favorite nail polishes, I actually own two of them. It is perfect because it's not plain red, but it's not a bright neon pink. Cherries in the Snow is a combination of the two, which makes it my go to nail polish.

Next is Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic. Commander in Chic is sheer, so it takes a couple of coat to get the color and thickness that it looks in the bottle. To make it look more young and fun, I like to use a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen to draw designs on it in different colors, if you want a post on different designs and ideas for the nail art pen just leave me a comment below.

Cranberry from Elf is one of my favorite nail polishes. It gives your nails that wow factor that makes people notice them. It's very sparkly and shiny, and it's opaque so it doesn't need more than two layers plus a topcoat. I have had good experiences with Elf nail polishes, they are top quality and don't chip easily.

Sally Hansen's Insta-dri Petal Pusher is a pretty light pastel color. This nail polish is very elegant, and I love to wear it for a formal occasion. This pale color compliments any skin tone nicely, and it dries fast! This nail polish would be cute with a fall dress, or a casual jeans and blouse.

Bachelorette Bash is probably the most common nail polish I wear. I love it! Bachelorette bash is shiny, opaque, and girly. This is a dark fuchsia color, or a deep berry color. Even though it has a small brush, it's easy to put on, and with a base coat, two coats, and a top coat, I guarantee no chipping for the first two days at least!

This sparkly silver topcoat from Forever 21 is sure to make your nails sparkle and shine! It looks great over a berry color, bright blue, and purple! But there are many more options too. The only problem I have ever has is taking it off. It took me half an hour to remove all of my nail polish when I put this on. But, it is defiantly worth it! If you want a post on how to easily remove glitter nail polish without ruining your nails, comment and tell me!

Comment and tell me what your favorite fall nail polish is and follow us if you haven't already! Once we get 200 followers Perfectly Pink and I will do another celebratory makeup look together! I am coming up with a cool Halloween look that should be up by the end of the week!

Glitter Girl 


Laurenlovesmakeupxoxo said...

Gorgeous colours!:)

KateM said...

Great blog. I love this polish post with some amazing colours for autumn.

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Forever Fuchsia said...

I'm glad you girls like it! Feel free to comment with suggestions, or post ideas!
--Glitter Girl

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