Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Eyeshadow Organization: Featuring My MAC Obsession

Hey Everyone!

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you might know that I am a little obsessed with MAC Cosmetics. Okay, a lot. MAC has been a long time favorite of mine because of their rich lipsticks, highly pigmented eyeshadows, and mineralized skin finishes, but most of all, their huge range of colors. MAC is more then a beauty brand, I look at it as an inspiring work of art. I used to keep my potted eyeshadows cramped up in a drawer, but I never used them much. In my makeup collection post that I wrote forever ago, I used this method of displaying them. With my setup, I can display the colors while keeping them organized!

Starting at the top of the nail polish rack I have my main palettes. I usually keep a fun colored one and a neutral one incorporating a seasonal color up here. If you are on the go a lot, shadows are more prone to breaking in pots then their pan form, so try out a palette!
In this palette the colors are:
Plumage (Outer Corner)  Steamy (Lid and lower lash line)

Electra (Lid)  Freshwater (Crease and upper lash line)

Do you like the color comparison? When I put a palette together, the colors do not have to create a look, I usually do this just to display them. If I would have to create a look for them, the use is in parenthesis. 

This is my contouring/highlighting/most used blush colors palette! Here are the colors:
Breath Of Plum  Blushbaby   Emphasize

Shadester    Coppertone   Margin

The last one on the end is Margin if the color is too light. I have some warm and cool tones in this palette, and I have found these are the best fall colors to mix and match.
I line up the colors by color, and then from light to dark. At the end of the line I put a paint pot that I think would work best with the colors.
I keep my Rock and Republic Eyeshadows out because the packaging is so beautiful. I love a product that has an "expensive" feel to it when you pick it up; they always feel sturdy.

I usually keep some pigments out as well; I like to have plenty of different textures on hand when I am trying out a new look. Pigments can add so much to a look, you can create a neutral sheen with some and an editorial look with others.

That concludes my oh-so-colorful post! Tell me in the comments how you store your eyeshadows and if you would dare to wear the bright blue colors in the palette. Feel free to leave requests in the comments and make sure to follow! Thanks for reading!


Clare Reed said...

Love this! What a stunning collection! I might try out those blues... I don't know if I am that daring! Great post!


Laurenlovesmakeupxoxo said...

Omg great post you have so many mac shadows i want them!:)

Sara said...

I want them all! haha I only have a few...

Forever Fuchsia said...

Thanks! I feel like I have been collecting them forever; the MAC counter is impossible to stay away from!

UrbanDeKYLA said...

Love this post!!! I too have this crazy obsession with MAC! I made a MAC wishlist and would love if you could check it out!

Forever Fuchsia said...

I will check it out! Thanks for reading!

Rasz said...
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Rasz said...

Thanks for visit :)fantastic collection :)I'm following you for a some time:) but unfortunatelly I can not see You on my GFC could you be so kind and check it out - Blooger freaking out sometimes :) Have a nice week :)

charlene chiong said...

hi! i hope we can follow each others blog :)) please let me know :))

charlene chiong said...

Thank you for following.. :)) followed youalso.. :))

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