Sunday, October 14, 2012

Amazing Adele

Hello Readers!
Adele is one of the most gifted and amazing singers in the world. If you want to be like Adele, It would be almost impossible to copy her singing voice, but you can copy her makeup look! This is a tutorial on how to do the look that Adele wore to the 2012 Grammys, when she sang for the first time after getting her voice back!

First, apply Mac’s Pure White paint pot all over the lid. To do this as easily and neatly as possible, get a thick amount on the tip of your ring finger. Then dab it onto your eye lid. Don’t worry about dabbing the white onto every place on your lid, because after you do that then you can smear it around a little. This is the best way to get this white on your lid without making it look like a kindergartner’s art project. This white base really makes the eyes pop, and it will make the black eyeliner contrast really well!

Next, using a Mac 239 brush, lightly and thinly put Nylon on top of the white base, but don’t put on so much that the white base isn’t bright. For me, this was just one light layer and that was it. Make sure you don’t put on to much! Nylon is one of Mac’s best sellers, for being versatile and very pretty!

To make Adele’s signature eyeliner look, take Maybelline’s black liquid eyeliner. To do this start by making one thin line across your top lash line. Then, make the outer part of the lash line thicker than the inner part. This should lead you right into the cat eye. Put the brush at the outer part of the lower lash line and draw the cat eye upwards, then connect it to the upper lash line, fill it in and voila! Go back and fill in any parts that you might have missed.
For more information on how to make a cat eye, go to my old post How to do a Perfect Cat Eye:

Then,  to make big lashes that are as dark as the liquid eye liner, I used Clinique's lash doubling mascara.
It takes about 3-4 layers, but it makes your lashes super dark, long and thick!

That’s all for the eyes, but the next thing to conquer is Adele’s perfect complexion! To get this perfect skin, I used Clinique’s Tinted Skin Moisturizer in Ivory on rough spots, and then applied Maybelline’s Pure Stay Makeup Base, which is absolutely amazing. It clears up your skin, and makes it look natural. I use this every day and I love it!!!

Next, is Adele’s signature red lips. To create this look, I simply used Tart Matte Fiery Lip Tint. This stuff really works. It is a deep red color, and it goes on thickly so it’s not hard to achieve Adele’s fiery red lips!

And here is the final eye look!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment and tell me what celebrity you want me to do a makeup look for next! Also, if you haven't already done so, follow us! Bye for now,


Anonymous said...

hey gg! Could you do a tutorial on how to do Hannah Montana's makeup? I knpow she was 5 yrs. ago, but her makeup had a nice, clean look to it. Thanks!

Forever Fuchsia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Forever Fuchsia said...

Sure! I will work on it!
--Glitter Girl

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