Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Neutral Eyes For Under $20.00

Hey Everyone!

     Today's post is going to be another tutorial, and I have been wanting to do this one for a while. This is not the twenty dollar makeup challenge, but I thought I should do something featuring drugstore products. This is a fairly basic neutral eye, and it will go with any look. Let's get started!

Base: I am going to start by applying a shimmery base all over my lid. This is Dawn from the elf studio line, and I am using it as a primer. I applied this with an elf concealer brush, but any densely packed synthetic brush will do. This color is a really pretty gold with a slight lavender base, so it will work on all eye colors.

Highlight: Next, I am going to work on highlighting the inner half of my lid. This is bringing in more light to my eyes, making them appear larger. I used Cover Girl's Champagne eyeshadow with a 213 brush and softly blended it in. You could use the elf shadow brush for a 213 dupe.
Outer V: If you want to make any neutral look pop, use a darker brown to define the outer "V" of your eyes. I used the Cover Girl Brown Smolder eyeshadow for this step, and it really pulled everything together! I applied this with a 239 brush by patting it down, and then blending it out. Make sure to blend this into the crease, it is a mistake proof way to make sure that you don't over-extend your eyeshadow.

Eyeliner: I am keeping this pretty simple, so I used the elf cream eyeliner in Metallic Olive for my upper lash line. I prefer to apply cream liners with an angle brush, and gel with something comparable to a 210 brush. This allows me to get a really clean line, and fill in any gaps by my lash line.

Mascara: The final step for this look is a coat of mascara! I finished it off with the elf waterproof mascara, the smaller brush lets me coat my lashes from the base.

My favorite part about this is that it looks amazing in any lighting. The shimmer in the highlight color is brightening, not chunky glitter, which is essential to any natural look. Tell me in the comments what your favorite product that is under $10.00 is, and make sure to follow. Thanks for reading!


Natalie said...

Cute look!

Christine ♥ said...

so gorgeous makeup look and i love that the products are very affordable! :) XO

Oanh Le said...

Awesome look! Great for a student's budget

I love Loreal mascaras and Rimmel lip pencils!
Wet and wild eyeliner (liquid) is the best :P


Forever Fuchsia said...

Thanks Natalie!

Forever Fuchsia said...

Glad you like it Christine!

Forever Fuchsia said...

It is one of my favorites too! Thanks for reading!

Eve said...

What a great look. I like it natural.

Loving your blog :)
Followed, would you check mine?


Forever Fuchsia said...

Thanks Eve! I am heading over to your blog now!

Mónica :) said...

I think I'm gonna try to do this makeup today cause I want a neutral look :)
Thanks for your comment in my blog, comment again when you want! ;)

moni <3

Forever Fuchsia said...

Thanks Monica!

Jess James said...

How do you make neutral colors look so awesome? haha love ur blog!!!

Forever Fuchsia said...

Glad you like it Jess!

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