Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Favorite Fall Blush Colors

Hey Everyone!

     I was sorting through my collection and came across some blushes that I had not used in a while. After swatching them and looking through my previous makeup looks, I found that I had not worn a deeper blush color for a while! The first thing that I usually switch out in the new seasons is a blush, so keep reading to find my favorites!

My first pick is Sunset Glow by Clinique. This will work on any skin tone, I use a lighter hand with a 116 brush for a really smooth application. Sunset Glow does have a touch of pink to it, so it is perfect for transitioning.

This is a deeper version of the blush. It came in a promotional set, so I would say the current color is about two to three shades lighter. If you have a lighter skin tone, I would recommend using a brush like the 187 to apply this. The 187 is a stippling brush, so you can use a light hand and get a soft wash of this so the color is not too overpowering.

My next favorite is Terra-cotta by NYX. This bronzy-peach color can be used as a blush or an over all illuminator on darker skin tones. I love the texture of this; it is smooth and applies beautifully. This is a softer powder, so a little will go a long way. This does have some shimmer to it, so if you are a fan of matte blushes, you might want to skip on this one. I have found that it appears as more of a glow then chunky glitter, so it works for me!

Another tip for this product is to apply it lower then you typically would, and then blend up. This distributes the color evenly, and because it is so highly pigmented, it will glide right on!

Nars Lamu is another one of my frequently used products. If you are completely against shimmer, stay far away from this. It has some flecks of gold glitter to it that will really stand out in bright lighting. With that being said, I don't use this a blush, but mainly as a base. This looks amazing if you just dab a little on you collar bone, it will make your neck appear longer. This is amazing for getting the glow that you see on the red carpet. The only downside to Nars products would have to be the packaging. Even though it is so sleek and pretty when you first look at it, the rubberized coat on it will pick up any smudges or smears.

The NYX Mosaic Powder in Champagne is mostly a transitional product. I don't understand the name; you would have though that they would put lighter colors in with a warmer undertone. Name aside, this has a very interesting lavender sheen to it that is great for transitioning. The touches of coral and pink in this still add a tough of summer, but the orange- bronze shades in it are stunning for fall. I love to use these mosaic powders to mix my own colors, you can customize them depending on where you focus your brush on.

My last favorite would have to be the Tarte Park Ave Princess Amazonian Clay bronzer. I always have good luck with Tarte's Amazonian Clay products, they wear for at least eight hours and apply smoothly and evenly. I first had a love-hate relationship with this product, but I was only using it as a bronzer. Even if this is a little warn for me, it is a beautiful blush and bronzer combo. If you are looking for a simple way to get a glow in your bronzer without looking oily, this is for you! I apply it in the hollow of my cheekbone and blend up, and the texture of it is so amazing.

Those would have to be my favorite products of the moment! I feel like this post is kind of packed together, so if you made it through to this point, thank you! Tell me in the comments if you switch your blush colors depending on the season, and feel free to request a post. Thanks for reading!


Christine ♥ said...

i love NYX blushes :) great choices of blush! XO

Shopaholic said...

i like :)

Forever Fuchsia said...

I am glad! I have been loving these for Fall, they are fun to switch up.

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