Thursday, February 28, 2013


Hey Everyone!

I am so excited to share with you a revolutionary skin care option. I always had to deal with problematic skin. Some days are better than others, but it would never be completely clear. About a month ago, I was contacted by a company called Skinetica. It was a skin care product that had promising claims about clearing up the skin. I replied and told them that I would be happy to test it out. Keep reading to see my opinion!

This is Skinetica! Not only is the bottle really nice, but the product inside is.. Wow. There is a slight scent to it that is very pleasant. I does not make the skin feel tightened after the application either.

It easily glides on to the skin. My skin now has a glow to it that I can't replicate with makeup. Any kind of beauty product looks ten times better when the skin is in it's best condition.

Here are the changes I have noticed:

First week- redness reduced around the nose and cheeks

Second week- 75% of imperfections cleared up

Third week- same results as before, but healthier, more dewy

Fourth week- minor imperfections left, majority cleared up


I have noticed a major difference from when I began. I will start a series soon on skincare updates and improvements soon. If you are looking for fast results, I would highly recommend Skinetica. Go to for more info!

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