Monday, February 18, 2013

Winged Eyes and Orange Eyebrows... Wait, what?!?

Yes, I did a double take of the title was well. Disclaimer: this look was not worn in public. Do not try this at home.

Why did I try this? Great question. The Forever Fuchsia team was working on some new looks for posts and we came up with a challenge. Our logo designer picked out a certain number of products for each of us to try and we had to create a look with it. After looking at my kit, I knew there was no hope for the natural look. The madness is explained.


Fabulous, right? This actually was not that difficult to do; the products blended well. The eyebrows are actually the NYX lip pencil in Pumpkin, and the eyes came from a combination of MAC's Hi-def Cyan and NYX Jumbo shadow pencils.


Even though it is strange, I still get points for creativity! Tell me in the comments if you have ever attempted the colored eyebrows trend, and if so, how did you make it work? Thanks for reading!






Clare Reed said...

Wow! This is so cool! How did you get the arch in your eyebrows so perfect? They are amazing; I'm so jealous at how full they are!


Laurenlovesmakeupxoxo said...

haha, wow that is so creative and cool! :)

Forever Fuchsia said...

Thank you! As for the eyebrows, I just free handed the line and cleaned it up with concealer!

Clare Reed said...

Woah, that's your freehand? Incredible! Pleaaaase make more of these!


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