Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall Favorites

Hello Readers!
I am so sorry I have been absent from Forever Fuchsia, but I promise that this week I will try and post every day! So, back to the subject, fall is finally here, and with it my list of fall favorites! So let’s get started!

First off is Mac’s matte blush Melba.  This is my favorite blush for a dance or a night out, and it is versatile. If you apply it with a brush just one layer, it can be sheer and natural, but with many layers it can easily look more pigmented.  This is perfect for a school dance or a night out. Wear a thin layer to add a bit of color to your face. My favorite brush to use to apply this blush is Mac’s 129 brush because it is round, so it is easier to apply blush. I love Mac’s brushes because they are great quality and the bristles are exceptionally soft on your face.

Next is Rusted Rose from Sephora’s line of lip gloss. It is a classy rose color that can be used to add some sparkle to a look.  I love this lip gloss because it can go from daytime to nighttime with a simple swipe of lip gloss. But it does get rather watery which can get a problem if you are trying to put it on thickly, so use a matching lipstick or lip liner under this, and just use Rusted Rose to add sparkle.

Nicole by Opi’s The Next CEO is in my opinion one of the best nail polish colors made by that company.  I consider nails to be an accessory, and this is my favorite way to make nails noticeable, but not gaudy. It looks sparkly in the bottle, but when on the nails it is a light metallic gold. This nail polish rarely chips within two days, with two layers and a good top coat. This is definitely my new go to nail polish!

I know this is rather short, but if you want a Fall Favs part 2 post, comment and tell me! Also if you have any business inquires or something you want to tell the Forever Fuchsia team in private, email us at Feel free to comment and tell me what your fall favorite is, what you think of these products, and posts requests!


Ines said...

I really like the bronzer and the gold tones go so well this season!
I made a post on my favorite makeup for fall come visit :) Page 2

Forever Fuchsia said...

Thanks! I will be sure to check it out!
--Glitter Girl

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