Thursday, November 8, 2012

Falling Leaves

Hey Everyone!

I am so excited to finally get up a fall tutorial! I have been messing around with so many looks for Halloween, I still have not done a fall look. Hopefully this makes up for the absent tutorials, and let's get started!
 I wanted to start by priming my eyes with Urban Decay's primer potion. This makes your shadows more opaque and also helps them last all day. I applied this with a MAC 242 brush, from my upper lash line to my brow bone.

I wanted to start adding defining my eyes, so I applied MAC's Gold Carbon Metal X cream eyeshadow to my crease. This is a very sheer product, I wanted to add a natural layer of depth before I started layering on the shadows.

I love the NARS Multiples. They are extremely pigmented, and you can use them on eyes, lips, and cheeks. I chose NARS Lamu multiple and applied it to the inner half of my eyes to start adding in the fall colors.

The key to any bold eye is to cut the crease with a deeper color. I love MAC's Embark because it sets off my eyes and is a dream to work with, so I applied it to my crease with a 213. This gives a very sharp line that can be blended out. Don't be afraid to layer products; it is harder to get a ton off but easier to layer them on.

MAC's Coppering eyeshadow can be scary on it's own, but it is the perfect addition to any fall look because of the shimmery texture. I blended out my crease by applying Coppering with a 224 brush. This blended out Embark while adding a hint of red.

I want a neutral canvas for my lid, so I decided to place MAC's Coquette all over my lid with a 222 brush. This makes it a little more matte without hiding Lamu in the inner corner. Another secret is to keep everything balanced; a good blend of mattes and shimmers does the trick.
I love to add a pop of color on the lower lash line, so I chose MAC's Soft Brown and applied it with a 239. This is a Matte reddish brown, and it will work with any eye color.

I needed a little hint of a frosty bronze, so I applied Amber Lights to the inner half of my lid with a 239. This gives a subtle pop of color, and it will open up your eyes.

The last step to the shadows is to blend out the different crease colors. I decided to use MAC's Club eyeshadow in my crease to tie all of the color in together. I originally applied this with a 213 to the crease, and then blended it out with a 224.

The final steps include applying mascara and eyeliner to finish the eyes. I used Urban Decay's Bourbon 24/7 eyeliner on the waterline and upper lash line because the flecks of gold in the rich brown make the eyes stand out.

This is the final eye look! This will work on any eye color, but it really makes blue eyes stand out. This goes into color theory, but the orange and red tones in this look are the key to making blue eyes pop. You can easily make this more natural or dramatic; you can do this by using a softer hand on the eyeliner.

For the face, I just contoured and highlighted like I normally would. I wanted to create a deep berry lip that was still substantial, but it would still let the eyes be the focus. I first applied NYX's pumpkin lip pencil to the center to highlight, and then filled in the rest with MACs Morning Coffee lip pencil. I topped it off with one coat of my EOS lip balm and then I was good to go!

That concludes my fall tutorial! Tell me in the comments how you alter your color palette for fall, and feel free to request a post. Make sure to follow to stay updated on the latest posts, and thanks for reading!


Clare Reed said...

Wow, this is so pretty! Your eyes literally twinkle! I love how you show pictures of you as you are applying the products, it makes it so much easier to re-create the look!


circleofchaos said...

Looks very good.^^
Maybe follow each other???

circleofchaos said...

Thanks,for the follow,dear.^^
Follow you back on gfc.

cousins couture said...

hey love your blog to great job!! i followed you ooh and thanks for following us
Mahe and Raahema

btw how did u find out about our blog?

Forever Fuchsia said...

Thanks girls! I found your blog on E and B's blog, in the forum section. Thank you for following!


Marcela Gmd said...

Nice post!!! would you like to follow each other?
Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

Forever Fuchsia said...

I would love to! Checking out your blog right now!

Marcela Gmd said...

Thank you so much for your visit!!!
Have a nice day!

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