Wednesday, December 26, 2012

E.L.F. Beauty Eye Manual: Natural Eye Edition

Hey Everyone!

I am going crazy over the sales online. I have never gone out to shop the stores after a big holiday, but I do love online shopping! I am trying to be good and not get too much, but the BH cosmetics gel eyeliners are calling me... Anyways, I wanted to pot a quick review on my latest neutral eye staple. I was re-organizing my collection and came across this palette about a week ago. After testing out some color combinations, I decided to review it! Keep reading to see my thoughts on this affordable neutral palette.

This is set up to look like a beauty booklet; the cover consists of an example look and a glance at what is inside. There is also a small elastic band that goes around the palette to keep it secure.

The packaging feels sturdy; the cover has a slight cushion to it. This will prevent the shadows from cracking if you are traveling.

If you like step by step instructions, this palette is for you. They give you two looks that can be customized along with some extra space to write down your own creations.

This does not say anything about eyebrows; I can't find a color that works for me in the palette. I would recommend using your own pencil/powder to fill them in.

This palette consists of twelve shadows, one eyeliner, and a dual ended sponge tip applicator. I do not typically use the sponge tip applicator for anything more then swatches; I might replace this with a mini brush if I use it for traveling. The formula of these colors is pretty good overall; there were about three shades that fell short of the pigmentation that I was looking for. These colors can be worn as a sheer wash of color as well. The formula was a bit on the powdery side, but it made the colors more buildable. I would recommend to use patting motions instead of sweeping when applying to prevent fallout.

Here are a few swatches to show the pigmentation. I also switched the eyeliner in the shade Coffee that came with the palette on the far left. I like the eyeliner; it works for a natural look. I did have to go over it once or twice to get a bold, opaque line, but only one stroke is shown in the picture.

This is the simple neutral look that I am wearing today. All of the products that are in this look are from the palette except the urban decay primer potion that I applied under the shadows. This look took me about four minutes to do; it is great for the days where you are short on time. Overall, this is a great palette, and the quality is pretty good for the price. I found this for $5.00, but the prices may range depending on where you purchase it.

Tell me in the comments if you have tried out any of the ELF palettes, and make sure to follow! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas; thank you for reading!


Clare Reed said...

I love the Elf palettes! This looks amazing; I will purchase soon! I wanted to ask if you have tried out any of Elf's gel liners, and if so, are they pretty good? Thanks and great post!


Dallas Cooper said...

I love my Elf products! This was a great post! Please follow back at! Thanks!

Forever Fuchsia said...

I followed back! Clare, I have tried out the ELF eyeliners before, and I really liked them! Your comment reminded me to try them out again and I still love them. I have had a problem with them drying out in the past, but that was only on one color. I probably did not fully seal the lid. Anyways, thanks for reading!


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